10 Best Sweet Dish of the world

A meal isn’t complete without dessert (sweet dish) . That’s true around the world, but desserts differ from country to country. Some are light and fruity, and some are rich and chocolaty.

Now days, they are more popular even on the streets. These sweet dishes are easily available on roads, restaurants etc and are eaten with great taste at any given time of the day.

Every country in the world has something sweet either to wrap a good meal, to eat as a snack, or to accompany the midday tea. Whether it maybe a pie, bread, ices or a cake, these are, besides being more popular, some of my favourite desserts. Try tasting them at speciality restaurants or if you can’t find them anywhere near where you live, it’s a good excuse for a holiday!

So let me give you the best 10 sweet dishes of the world you must give it a try. The following things are discussed below.

Waffles – Belgium

A waffle is a leavened batter or dough cooked between two plates, patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression. There are many variations based on the type of waffle iron and recipe used.

waffles europeancuisines

Castle Pudding – England

Castle pudding is a classic pudding that probably was first made centuries ago in the UK. Unlike the more milky or eggy custards that are traditionally associated with American pudding, castle pudding is a sponge pudding, like plum pudding and spotted dick. It may be cooked via the water bath method, and contains flour in addition to eggs, milk and sugar.

pudding lenoxandparker

Baklava – Turkey

Baklava is a Mediterranean dessert made with Phyllo dough, nuts, butter, and sugar. After baking to perfection, a sweet syrup is immediately poured over the pieces allowing the syrup to be absorbed into the layers.

baklava youtube

Chestnut Kintons  – Japan

Kuri kinton is a heavenly dish made from candied chestnuts and mashed Japanese sweet potatoes mixed with the syrup from the candied chestnuts.

kurikinton londoneats.files

Pavlova – Australia / New Zealand

Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It is a meringue cake with a crisp crust and soft, light inside, usually topped with fruit and, optionally, whipped cream

Pavlova wikipedia

Almond Cookies – China

An almond biscuit, or almond cookie, is a type of biscuit that is made with almonds. They are a common biscuit in many different cuisines, and take many forms.

cookies realhealthyrecipes

Tiramisu – Italy

Tiramisu is one of Italy’s most popular dish. Tiramisu is a rich treat blending the bold flavors of cocoa and espresso with savory mascarpone cheese and wine, layered with lady finger biscuits.

tiramisu lisaeatsworld

 Crepe Suzette – France

A crepe suzette is often prepared in a chafing dish in full view of the guests. They are served hot with a sauce of sugar, orange juice, and liqueur (usually Grand Marnier). Brandy is poured over the crepes and then lit.

suzette 123rf

Apple Pie – United States

An apple pie is a fruit pie in which the principal filling ingredient is apple. It is, on occasion, served with whipped cream or ice cream on top, or alongside cheddar cheese.

Apple_pie wikipedia

 Churros – Spain

Churros are traditional Spanish desserts developed centuries ago by Spanish shepherds. Churros are fresh baked dough pastry, they are delicious cake-like, cylindrical in shape which are easily cooked in a pan over an open fire.

churros youtube

now that you know about the best sweet dishes of the world, why not try them ? and especially if you have a sweet tooth then travelling to these countries for tasting these amazing sweet dishes is a great excuse.

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