10 Most famous and Frequented Religious sites of the world

The world is bigger and places are infinite but which are most sacred places/spots on the earth which are most holiest ? This is the common question in everyone’s mind when they think about their religious. Most of holiest places are the religious places in the World. Let’s have a look at all possible 10 Best Most Sacred Places on the Earth as given here.
1. Mecca and Madina, Saudi Arabia
The Islam is the largest religion in the world after Christianity. So, it has much influence in the world. Mecca and Madina are the two holiest sites of Islam followers in the world. These two holiest sites of Islam attract almost millions of pilgrims from around the world. 
2. Saint Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City
Source: www.romewise.com
Source: www.romewise.com
This is the most holiest church for Jesus Christ followers. It is one of the largest churches in the world. It was built in the year 1626. Millions of Christians visit this church as their holy tour in the Vatican city 
3. Mahabodhi Temple – Bodh Gaya, Bihar (India)
Source: Templeadvisor.com
Source: Templeadvisor.com
Mahabodhi Temple is the most holiest temple for Buddhist people and one of the oldest temples in the world. UNESCO designated it as the world heritage site. It is located in Bodh Gaya in Bihar state of India. 
4. Golden Temple (Suvarna Mandir) – Amritsar, Punjab (India)
Source: www.indiator.com
Source: www.indiator.com
The Harmandir Sahib (Darbar Sahib) is the most holiest Gurdwara for Sikh followers around the world. It is located in the city of Amritsar in Punjab state of India. Construction of Golden Temple was started in December, 1585 and completed in August, 1604. 
5. Pashupatinath Temple – Kathmandu, Nepal
Source: www.wikimedia.org
Source: www.wikimedia.org
Pashupatinath Temple is the most holiest temple for Hindu religion followers. It is situated on the banks of river Bagmati on Kathmandu eastern parts. Daily thousands of pilgrims came here for “Darshan”. It has PAGODA like architectural style for the construction. 
6. Mount Kailash – Tibet
Source: www.gadventures.com
Source: www.gadventures.com
Mount Kailash is the home of the Lord Shiva. It is the most important holy place for Hinduism followers around the world. This is the toughest place where a physically weak person could not visit. Only a few thousand pilgrims visit this place a year.
7. Mount Olympus – Greece
Source: www.greecetravel.com
Source: www.greecetravel.com
Mount Olympus is the most holiest place in Greece for Jesus Christ followers. It is situated at the highest mountain peak in the Greece. More than 10,000 mountaineers climb this mountain each year. It is the most popular travel destination in Greece.
8. Dome of the Rock – Old City of Jerusalem (Israel)
It is the most sacred place for Muslims around the world. It is the most visited by thousands of pilgrims daily from around the world. It is situated in the Old city of Jerusalem in Israel.
9. Western Wall – Old City of Jerusalem (Israel)
The Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel in the night
Western Wall is the most popular religious place for Jews and Muslims around the world. It was build by Herod the Great with limestone in 19 BCE and completed in mid 1st Century CE. This wall is preserved very well by the authority as well as by the people. Visitors are also not allowed to visit without skullcap which are available at free of charge at the site. 
10. The Karnak Temple Complex – Egypt
The Karnak Temple Complex is the most important and ancient complex which comprises of various decayed temples, plylons, chapels and other buildings.
These mentioned above are the most frequented and well known religious places of the world. There are also lots of sacred places and ancient complex/sites are situated around the world and some of them are not discovered. Most of religious sites are visited by thousands and millions of pilgrims every year from around the world. 

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