10 ways to maintain your Makeup bag

We all love to look good and there’s nothing wrong with grooming yourself. Almost everyone has their own beautiful regime which they follow before stepping out, men or women alike. Be it applying skin protection creams or hair gels or makeup, we all want to look our best and be the best version of ourselves, So do I and for that I keep my own little makeup box and I’m sure most women do. 
Today in this article I’ve mentioned few things I follow to keep my makeup from spoiling for longer. 
1. Keep away your hands 
Instead of putting your fingers in your foundation bottle or applying lipstick directly to your lips, scoop or pour out your daily cosmetics onto a stainless steel palette (available at beauty supply stores). Then you are free to use your hands or brushes to apply it. If you never touch your hands to the opening of a liquid or gel product—or your mouth to the edge of a lipstick—you will keep it bacteria-free longer.
2. Don’t wash off the Mascara wand 
Don’t attempt to lengthen the life of a mascara by “washing” it. Running a wand under water breaks down preservatives and brings germ-loving moisture inside the container
3. Sharpen and cover your lip pencils 
If you use eye or lip pencils make sure you sharpen them up a bit every time before use so that any bacteria formed on them is scrapped off, and also make sure you cover your makeup pencils with a lid so that they don’t dry up and work for longer. 
4. Don’t ever heat the makeup 
Don’t keep a makeup bag in your car. Heating up in the glove box, preservatives inside cosmetics will degenerate. All of a sudden that skin cream—which is meant to last a year after being opened—is a health hazard . 
5. Discard mascara 
If you open a new bottle of mascara, throw it after three months, mascaras tend to accumulate a host of bacteria, and some makeup products are better if not kept for longer. 
6. Refrigerate liquid makeup 
Keep liquid makeup in the refrigerator, especially if you tend to use a single jar of product for a long period of time and/or live in a warm climate. Make sure to shake liquid products, such as foundation, before using. 
7. Put a primer or a lip balm before applying lipstick 
This makes the lips smooth and applying lipstick becomes easier and you don’t have to do extra coats, thus making a lipstick last longer. 
8. Clean the Brushes 
Clean makeup brushes every few months with a non alcohol spray brush cleaner and lay on a paper towel to dry.
9.  Avoid testers 
Avoid testers at makeup counters. Instead, allow a clerk to apply makeup on you, and make sure he or she uses one-use mascara wands and portions of lipsticks or other creams scooped out with a Q-Tip or small utensil. 
10. Makeup bags equally important
Buy inexpensive makeup bags and discard them after six months of use or after anything has been spilled inside them.
The trick to make your cosmetics last longer is to keep it away from spoiling bacterial which not only deteriorates the makeup but also harms your skin, the tips I mentioned above are religiously followed by me and the results have always been positive, hope they are positive for you too. Do let us know your feedback through comments. 
Caution – once a product reaches it expiry date, kindly discard it. 

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