10 worst Food combinations that should be avoided

Ever wondered that why after having some meals your stomach gets upset, ever wondered why sometimes your favorite dish gave you indigestion, ever wondered that why inspite of having a meal cooked at home using the freshest of ingredients makes you feel sick?, well if you answered yes for any of the questions asked above then you probably are a victim of consuming certain ingredients that result in a chemical reaction which doesn’t suit our digestion.

There are certain foods that when combined they result in a very unhealthy concoction of chemicals which disrupt a healthy digestive cycle, and not all of us are aware of this fact and even if we know about certain bad food combinations I’m sure we are not aware of all of them.

In today’s article we are highlighting some food combinations which are worst for your health, and some might even shock you as it just might turn out to be your favorite combination, so here’s an answer to why you often suffer from unhealthy digestion.


1. Banana Smoothies with Milk
Milk-based banana smoothies are indigestion’s best (or worst) friend. The combination of milk with bananas is listed in Ayurveda practices as being the top offender when it comes to creating a feeling of heaviness in the body and can make your mind feel sluggish. Instead, try dairy-free options like nut or rice milk, or add a dash of cardamom and nutmeg to your dairy-based banana smoothie to help stimulate digestion.



2. Fruit After Dinner
A bowl of fresh melon or orange segments after dinner may be the smart choice calories-wise, but isn’t so great if you’re sensitive to digestive issues. The simple sugars found in fruit digest quickly. When you reach for fruit after a meal rich in starch or protein like lamb or pizza for dinner that tends to stick around much longer, the sugars from the fruit will stick around too and begin to ferment.


3. Fruit and yogurt.
Combining fruit and dairy products can lead to a world of suffering. Dairy foods can be congestive, blocking sinuses, encouraging colds and worsening symptoms of allergies. When combined with fruit these symptoms can become even worse. A better option is a natural Greek yogurt with no additional fruits.


4. Cereal and Milk
For many of you reading this, it will seem rather shocking as cereal and milk is a staple of many of our diets across the world. Synonymous with breakfast in fact, but both contain fast digesting carbs that put the body under stress, both can cause blood sugar spikes that will leave you tired when they eventually lower again, making you crave more junk food.


5. Burger and Fries
Why? A convenient meal is usually an unhealthy one to say the least. Over cooked food with high levels of fat, preservatives and other chemicals can form a charcoal-type substance. This then combines with the sugar in potato fries, creating cytokines which can cause inflammation and speed up the aging process, tread carefully by next time to get the urge for a big mac!


6 White bread and jam
Simple carbohydrates spike blood sugar the most,Put two or more together—think white bread and jam or soda and French fries—and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Your blood sugar goes up fast, and your body has to work very hard to bring it down by releasing insulin from the pancreas, Once that inevitable drop happens, your energy and mood can bottom out, leaving you tired and irritated.
In the long term, this process can eventually wear the pancreas down and create insulin resistance and diabetes.

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7. Burger with beer.
Both are processed by the liver, and your body naturally prioritizes breaking down the alcohol first, since it recognizes alcohol as a toxin, This leaves fat floating in your blood stream, where it can then be stored in fat tissue. Moreover, you’ll feel especially gross afterward. Fat causes food to digest more slowly, which is why a high-fat meal can leave you feeling stuffed and bloated long after you eat it.

8. Cheese and meat omelet.
In general protein/protein combinations are not recommended. One single concentrated protein per meal is easier to digest and won’t require as much energy. Go for veggie omelet instead.


9. Cold drinks during or after meal.
Avoid cold drinks during or directly after a meal. The cold diminishing digestive powers and causes a host of digestive problems, allergies, and colds. (The same goes for ice cream and frozen yogurt.)

10. Sour curd with meal
Eating of Sour curd should be avoided as it irritates the throat and causes common cold and headache. Arthritis patients should avoid curd as it may add pains to your joints. Curd should not be consumed alone. Substances like sugar, jaggery, rock salt and should always be added to it.

Thus these were the food combinations one must always avoid in order to maintain healthy digestion. We are sure that some of the combinations must have shocked you, we’ll be glad if we are able to help you make healthy food choices, do leave your feedback in comments.

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