Unforgettable 3 days in New York

Anxious and excited like a little kid I stepped foot in John F Kennedy airport in new York, not knowing of what awaited me, not knowing that this would turn out to be one of the most memorable places I’ll visit in my lifetime. All through the taxi ride from the airport to Manhattan where my hotel was, I looked around like an anxious little kid wanting to see it all and drink it all in. I was loving the views, little did I know this city hides within itself some spectacular spots that would later etch a place in my mind forever. 

Bright lights, fast life, and big dreams in everyone’s eyes… that’s the first thing that greeted me when I first step foot into the concrete jungle that’s everyone’s big American dream “New York” 

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

New York, the city of lights and skyscrapers has it all; museums, restaurants, Activities and breath-taking sights. A must visit on your itinerary when planning a trip to America. New York or Big Apple as it is fondly known will never cease to amaze you with the plethora of offerings it has for tourists in terms the variety of activities it has for everyone. 

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The life in New York is very fast paced. Everyone there seems to be in a rush, be it the office going crowd or locals or tourists. Everyone there seems to be after something with dreams in their eyes, goals in their minds and hopes in their hearts.  

You cannot leave New York without being enchanted by its life, the lights the people, the vibe, it all makes you high and my trip to New York definitely left a mark on me. 

        I visited New York as a tourist and I experienced so many things in just one city which are detailed below.

  • The Ripley’s museum where they have assembled unbelievable and unique artefacts from all over the world, amazed me.
  • The Discovery museum’s body world opened my eyes to the intricacies of how our own body’s function. 
Discovery Museum - Body World
Discovery Museum – Body World
  • The Madame Tussaud’s wax museum was filled with the life-size wax statuettes of my favourite personalities and it was a fun experience clicking pictures with the likes of Dalai Lama to Katie Perry. 
  • Visiting the iconic statue of liberty blew my mind away. It was an amazing experience to witness the majestic liberty in person. Standing in a queue for an hour to reach the ferry leading to the tiny island where liberty stands didn’t go in vain when I went there and lived some never to forget moments. 
  • Just when I thought that I got overwhelmed with the concrete jungle in new York, I found myself in one of the most beautiful places in the heart of New York that took me closer to nature ” the central park”. As its name suggests, the park falls right in the centre of New York and is filled with beautiful gardens and loads of greenery. There’s also a tiny little zoo for little kids, a walk in central park refreshed my senses. Sitting there sipping coffee, reading my favourite book was all the rejuvenation I needed to continue exploring more of this wonder city.
  • Then the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, this one surely made for an amazing backdrop for our selfies. 
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
  • Grand central station was a treat to my eyes with its Victorian architecture and grandeur. 
  • Witnessing the lion king play in Broadway was an experience I will never forget, the impeccable performances left me speechless. 
  • Times Square in the heart of Manhattan made me feel like a celebrity myself, with all its lights and glamour. Also a great backdrop for some amazing photography. 
  • Macy’s shopping centre in New York had so many different brands and varieties of goods to offer that I couldn’t help splurging on myself.
  • The Hershey and M&M stores made me feel like a little girl over again and I picked up bags full of chocolates for everyone at home. 
  • Lastly witnessing the entire city from the 80th floor of the iconic Empire State Building made my heart race. The city with all its lights looked like tiny stars sparkling from up above, while liberty stood proud afar.. 


All this was covered within a span of just three days. All I needed was a city map and commuting via the easiest and most convenient mode of transportation for a tourist “the red bus”. It takes you to all the famous tourist destinations there are. We bought passss which help to save a lot of money. Check our another article to know more.

If like me even you are planning a trip to New York and have few days in your hand then you can take queue from this article and cover all the spots I’ve mentioned as these are the best and main attractions of the city.

New York, the lights will surely inspire you as they inspired me, a trip I’ll never forget. 


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