30 celebrities and their favorite food

We Love them, we adore them. Some of us even idealize them, yes I am talking about our favorite celebrities, we are always interested to know the likes and dislikes of the celebrities we love and Food my friends is a key factor to reach any persons heart, Our favorite celebrities then range from exotic to regular to complicated, from the kind of foods they prefer best. 
In today’s article Lubuzine brings to you the favourite Foods of your Favourite celebrities. 
1. Salman Khan 
North Indian food with all its spices and aroma has to be one of the best cuisines in India. Sallu Bhai is in an eternal love affair with biryani and not just any biryani, but the homemade biryani of his mom Salma. Besides, he also loves kebabs and modak.
2. Shahrukh Khan 
The King Khan has the world at his feet, but instead of any international cuisine, the actor loves the popular grilled chicken. Crispy and juicy, this chicken dish adorns SRK’s lunch everyday.
3. Katrina Kaif 
Always under the pressure to look good, celebs have to forego a lot of their favorite fatty foods. But Katrina Kaif openly admits her love for dessert. Her favorite are ice cream and cinnamon rolls.
4. Hrithik Roshan 
A favorite Indian savory snack is the piping hot samosa – and incidentally, it is ‘Krrish’ star Hrithik Roshan’s preferred food item as well. The actor apparently can eat around a dozen easily in one sitting! 
5. Priyanka Chopra 
Indian and international icon Priyanka Chopra does not have an ounce of extra flab and you would think she eats like a bird to maintain that figure. But she too is a self-confessed foodie and gorges on Punjabi food like the traditional makki di roti and sarson da saag. And when she is craving international carbs, it is the good ol’ lasagna for her.
6. Shahid kapoor  
Shahid Kapoor loves eating and is a good cook himself. Too bad he is a vegetarian, but he digs Chinese cuisine and also likes Italian. And when the rainy season comes around, the actor always goes for a plate of samosas or bhajiya and a cup of hot sweet tea.
7. Kareena Kapoor 
Kareena kapoor has always mentioned her love for heavy Italian cuisine – especially pasta and pizza. Usually surviving on salads and juice, the actress digs in her home-made pasta with gorgonzola cheese once in a while.
8. Akshay Kumar 
For an actor who worked as a chef in Thailand, it is not hard to pin down Akshay Kumar’s favorite food. Hot, spicy and exotic to the Indian palate, the Khiladi loves nothing more than a perfectly cooked dish of Thai Green Curry
9. Aamir Khan 
Developed and perfected by the royal chefs of the Mughal Empire centuries ago, Mughlai cuisine still reigns supreme in the hearts of foodies today. And Aamir Khan, for one, loves it. From biryani badshahi to shahi rogan josh – this actor loves them all. 
10. Amitabh Bachan 
Big B is an Allahabad man through and through and favors a serving of bhindi sabzi and moong ki daal above other dishes. In fact, these are dishes that Bachchan senior prefers in his shoots.
11. Ranbir Kapoor 
Going back to the days when the kings went out hunting in the wild and feasted on their kill right there in the wilderness, Jungli Mutton Curry is a favorite red meat preparation. And Ranbir Kapoor loves the dish – especially when prepared by his granny.
12. Madhuri Dixit 
Marathi actress Madhuri Dixit’s love for fish is no secret. In fact, the actress has her own special recipe for one of her favorite fish dishes – creamed fish. Easy to make and tasty to eat, you can get the recipe online.
13 . Sanjay Dutt 
Everyone’s favourite Munna bhai is also a Fan of chicken and nothing else is his favourite better than the good old platter of juicy chicken tikka. 
14. Emma Watson 
We’d like Emma Watson to cook us breakfast any time. Her go-to menu is Mexican food she can make a really amazing egg tortilla in the morning. It’s her special thing. She can also make guacamole, salsa and scrambled eggs, and then She cooks the tortilla. It’s pretty simple, but yummy . 
15. Hugh Jackman 
Hugh Jackman understands your obsession with wine and cheese. He is a real foodie and into good wine. Good cheese with wine doesn’t get better than that. 
16. Scarlett Johansson 
Scarlett Johansson loves to work up a sweat, but she’s also not afraid to indulge in a guilty pleasure. She is obsessed with buffalo chicken wings and she is addicted to them.
17. Justin Bieber 
The young Musical icon and heartthrob of millions  Justin Bieber Finds Italian food is hard to resist: his favorite meal is spaghetti bolognese.
18. Britney Spears 
A singing Diva and a mom of two with an excellent figure, its hard to fathom that Britney Spears’ favourite food item is chocolate and lots of chocolates. 
19. Taylor Swift 
From her mom’s brisket and pot roast to her own chicken and dumplings, Taylor Swift has too many favorite meals to name. But she does have six staples that are always in her fridge: eggs, thinly sliced ham and chicken (she likes the option of being able to make someone a sandwich!), orange juice, Diet Coke, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and  some sort of binge food, like a tube of cinnamon rolls or a giant tub of cookie dough. 
20. Barack Obama 
Do you love broccoli as much as the beloved ex president does? OK, does that really count as comfort food? We guess no, but broccoli sure is one of the healthiest Food items to binge on. 
21. Selena Gomez 
It’s a well-known fact among Selena Gomez fans that the singer is obsessed with pickles. They’re even part of her on-tour essentials!
22. Cameron Diaz 
The Beautiful Cameron Diaz cooks most of the time and when fans asked what her favorite thing to cook is, she said, “Anything with garlic, oil and lemon flavors. Simple Italian/Mediterranean flavors.”
23. Kristen Stewart 
The Twilight actress loves tortilla soup so much, she shared her recipe with Vogue.
24. Jennifer Lawrence 
OK, so maybe this isn’t Jennifer Lawrence’s favorite food overall, but it’s her favorite junk food. When asked about her favourite food, the Hunger Games actor said “Cool Ranch Doritos are my girl.”
25. Kate Middleton 
Out of all the Royal fine dining Kate Middleton gets to experience, her favorite food is sticky toffee pudding.
26. Mariah Carey 
The music diva Mariah Carey loves to eat Pizza and though she is not always allowed to eat it given her strict diet regime, she indulges on pizza whenever she can get a chance to. 
27. Christina Hendricks 
Christina Hendricks knows you have to say yes to comfort food every now and then. For her, that means spaghetti with marinara sauce
28. Jennifer Aniston 
We feel you, girl. Jennifer Aniston said nachos are the one food she loves so much that if she dropped it on the floor, she’d eat it anyway. 
29. John legend 
John legend and wife Chrissy Teigen whip up tons of recipes together on a daily basis, but John’s ultimate claim to fame in the kitchen is his fried chicken. 
30. Beyonce 
Beyoncé has called pizza her most favourite indulgence, she loves it so much that she once wore a pizza printed outfit 
As they say, Food is the key to any man’s heart, the list we provided in the above article gave you keys to the hearts of your favourite celebrities. Hope you had fun reading, do let us know your feedback through comments. 

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