5 ways to get bigger lips naturally

Over the years there have been many beauty fads. Many new trends, in fashion and styling which have been hugely accepted by the masses and followed by thousands across the globe, be it cosmetic surgeries, botox injections or makeup tricks. People go to different lengths to achieve their desired look and fit into their definition of what they feel is beautiful.

From round hips to heavy breasts, fashion trends have changed over the years and now is the time for luscious lips. a voluptuous set of puckers are not at all a bad facial feature to have because they’re now, considered as a fabulous canvas to paint with all the bold, vivid and uniquely colored lip colors being released by big names in the makeup industry.

Today we will show you simple recipes for plum lips that you can easily prepare at home and these are very effective :


* A mixing bowl
* 1 table spoon Olive oil
* 1 tea spoon Cinnamon powder
* 1 table spoon Salt or Sugar
* A container to transfer your mixture in (I prefer glass to plastic as glass is more stable and inert)

1. Inside your bowl, mix your freshly ground cinnamon with your 1 tbsp of olive oil.
2. Add in your salt or sugar.
3. Mix well.
4. The mixture should look thicker as soon as you add your salt or sugar.
5. Transfer the mix into the container.
6. Apply for 5-10 minutes on your lips and massage lightly with your finger then rinse.


* A small plate
* A bit of cinnamon oil or powder (I prefer the oil to the powder as it is much easier to use)
* Your favourite lip balm ( even Vaseline will do)

1. Take a small portion of your lip balm ( yeah cut it ) and place it unto the plate. You just need a tiny bit, enough for one application.
2. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on the piece of balm you placed on the plate or add 1 drop of oil if you prefer the oil version. The amount of cinnamon you use will be up to you. Don’t use too much though.
3. Mix the two together.
4. Once everything is mixed well, apply the mix unto your lips.
5. Massage the mixture and then wipe it off.
6. Apply lip balm to your lips to lock in the moisture.


* 1/3 tsp Ginger powder
* 1/2 tsp cayenne powder
* 1/3 tsp cinnamon powder or oil
* 1 drop peppermint oil
* 1 tsp olive oil or any oil you prefer (almond oil etc..)
* A small mixing bowl or small container
* A mixing tool

1. In your small container or mixing bowl, mix in your ginger powder, cayenne powder, cinnamon powder and the peppermint oil.
2. Stir for a bit and then add in your olive oil.
3. Stir again until everything is mixed well.
4. take a little bit of it and then apply it to your lips. Massage it in for 20 seconds and then leave it on for 2-3 mins. Wipe it off and see the difference.


* 2 or 3 Cinnamon sticks or 1 tsp cinnamon powder
* Your toothbrush
* Vaseline
* A small plate to mix ingredients

1. Wash your hands and then apply Vaseline on your lips.
2. Take your cinnamon sticks and grind them. Don’t worry if they don’t end up being super fine because they’ll do the trick in exfoliating the skin on the lips.
3. Place a tiny bit of Vaseline on the plate and then sprinkle in your ground cinnamon. Or, if you’re using powder, just sprinkle some of it unto the Vaseline. Mix. (you can also use the cinnamon oil instead if you prefer)
4. Once everything is mixed well, take your toothbrush and scoop some of the mixture unto it.
5. Apply it to your lips and massage it in, moving the toothbrush in a circular motion.
6. Leave it one for a minute or two and then wipe or rinse the product off. Apply Vaseline again if you feel like your lips need extra moisture.


* Sugar
* Olive oil
* Your toothbrush
* A small plate

1. Place a small amount of sugar and olive oil on your plate.
2. Wet your lips and then dip your toothbrush on the sugar.
3. Brush your lips with your toothbrush with sugar.
4. Use circular motions and don’t forget to be gentle when brushing.

Well these recipes mentioned above are super effective and are made using easily available ingredients. Also its a lot of fun to practice these easy lip pluming hacks. Why waste so much money on cosmetic surgeries and injections and risk side effects when you can get gorgeous lips by these simple home made recipes. Do try these and let us know your feedback through comments 👄

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