7 Best hairstyles for girls with thin hair

Hair is every woman’s crowning glory, we all wish for thick healthy hair which we can style up in different ways, a Good hairstyle adds to your overall personality and gives you a sense of confidence, given that, the stress levels in today’s Lifestyle, pollution plus harmful chemicals in daily hair care products have resulted in hair thinning.
We no longer get to see thick tresses like our grandmamas, even if we have thick hair in our youth, styling tools like permanent straightening, curling, ironing etc slowly start to make our hair grow thin, urging us to take up treatments and therapies for hair regrowth which don’t always particularly work. So what do you do when you have a party or any occasion on which you need to style up your hair ? You cant just sit at home and hide yourself. 
In this article Lubuzine brings to you a list of easy hairstyles which you can do to Hide your thinning hair and which will make you look gorgeous. 
1 Get a wavy, graduated bob
A big challenge for women with straight, thinning hair is creating body, volume, and movement, With a sexy graduated bob, you get all three. 
To style it: 
  • Step 1: Shampoo, condition, and treat hair with products formulated for your hair type
  • Step 2: Blow dry hair without a blow dryer nozzle attachment. (The attachment can flatten your hair more.)  
  • Step 3: When hair is half-dry, apply a volumizing product at the roots 
  • Step 4: Spray a 1-inch section of hair with hairspray and straighten it from roots to ends with a 1-inch flat iron (set to less than 250 degrees F). Turn your wrist upward to create a slight curl. Then pin curl that section up and secure with a clip. Repeat all around your head. 
  • Step 5: When hair is cool, remove clips and finger comb for a tousled, wavy finish. 
2. Wear a bangin’ ponytail
Adding heavy fringe around your face works well to add thickness to long, fine hair. And since length can weigh your hair down, putting it in a ponytail is an easy way to fake volume.
To style it: 
  • Step 1: After washing hair, apply gel and blow dry hair with a boar-bristle round brush. 
  • Step 2: Wrap dry hair up in hot rollers, leaving out your bangs. When hair has cooled, remove rollers. 
  • Step 3: Brush hair into a ponytail several inches above the nape of your neck and secure with a pain-free elastic. Wear your bangs straight down or sideswept. 
3. Let it all hang down
If you have fine, naturally curly hair, we’re talking to you. Believe it or not, just leaving your hair down is one of the best ways to downplay the fact that it is thinning. Just make sure you get the right haircut to better support fine hair, optimize volume, and accentuate your facial features.
To style it: 
  • Step 1: Apply gel all over hair and blow dry using a diffuser attachment on low heat. This will help define your curls. 
4. Take the mid-length road
Mid-length hair, or a long bob, with a few light layers and sideswept bangs is a versatile style for fine hair. It adds volume and depth no matter your natural texture.
To style it: 
  • Step 1: Apply volumizing spray gel to damp, freshly washed hair 
  • Step 2: Blow dry hair straight using a boar-bristle round brush and a dryer without a nozzle attachment. 
  • Step 3: Finish with hairspray. 
5. Get a short, blunt cut
A cut above the shoulders will always look great, The solid ends give the elusion of thickness and volume.
To style it: 
  • Step 1: Apply a light, volume-enhancing spray  to give hair the fullness it needs. 
  • Step 2: Blow dry your hair while your head is upside down until the roots are almost dry, then flip your hair back over to finish. Be cautious not to over-dry or damage the hair. (Tip: If your dryer has a cool-shot button, use it to locate still damp areas once you think your hair is dry.) 
6. Use velcro Rollers. 
Need a little something special for a night out? Avoid excessive heat damage (which can exacerbate hair loss) by using velcro rollers.
To style it: 
  • Step 1: On dry hair, coat hair with a light heat-protecting hair spray and roll 1-inch sections up in velcro rollers. Aerosol hairsprays work best on fine hair because they are lightest and typically offer different hold strengths, says Morrison. 
  • Step 2: Blow dry hair all over and let cool. Remove rollers and finger comb to retain body and fullness. 
7. Add dimension with colour 
This is especially helpful if you have short hair. Light colors stand out while dark colors recede, so changing your base color (aka your root color or overall shade) and adding highlights can add more texture, making your hair look fuller and thicker. Since thinning hair requires special care (you want to avoid harsh chemicals), see a professional colorist to have this done.
These are the best most easiest hairstyling tips for those who have scanty hair. So go style up and have fun, do let us know your review through comments. 

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