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Thanks for Visiting..If you are any normal couple who is trapped between different responsibilities like family, work, society etc and want to change and live your dream of Travel and eat all over world, then we will help you do so.


Who are We?

We are a couple “Ali and Lubaina” from Mumbai, India

We are on a mission to travel the world together without compromising work, family and other duties. All these before turning 50.

We are travellers, foodies , fashionistas with great thoughts all the time on our minds.

By Travelling, eating and styling we want to make sure that our honeymoon never ends.

We just don’t want to visit new places but live it.


“It’s only words and words all I have to take your heart away”

Lubaina holds a degree in Mass media from Mumbai university and worked as a writer on freelance basis. There are some great thoughts and words always on her mind. She loves writing , singing, and fashion.

The mini library in my home is nothing compared to the one in my mind, I’m here to share thoughts and quotes that I make, which you’ll be able to connect with and which will surely sting your imagination.


That’s how Lubuzine Started

After our honeymoon to Kerala, we were cherishing our memories and experience and idea of travelling clicked on our mind.

Amidst all the work and pressures of life, my passion for travel was always on my mind. Exploring new places has always been on top of my bucket list

Stay tuned to see the luxury and budget lifestyle as and when we go. From Fashion to Food to Travel and our beautiful thought in form of quotes will surely win your heart.

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What You can Expect from this Blog

Fashion – we love to dress up and accessorise in style. We are style conscious. So seek out for our fashion statements both men and women

Food – we are foodie and love to eat. While travelling or at home or for any day activity we are always trying great food, so stay tuned you food lovers..

Travel – we are travelling all around world but with leisure and not in haste. We just don’t want to put foot in every country but also live it.

Quotes – Lubaina a philosopher, always thinking and great thoughts in her mind . So sharing her thoughts in form of quotes.


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