The Most Amazing Honeymoon Destinations in the World

A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic and/or romantic.
Planning your honeymoon is as exiting as planning your marriage, here’s out take on the top ten honeymoon destinations to help you decide which place is ideal for you.

The places mentioned below are chosen according to different preferences and choices, so you’ll have a variety of places to choose from, according to your mood, hobbies and interests .


Visiting Venice is like unwrapping a present for the senses: the toll of church bells, beribboned gondoliers churning their oars, the sharp scent of coffee, glass chandeliers twinkling, and slender, twisting streets suddenly turning onto sun-filled market squares. The elegant piazzas and glistening waterways of this northern Italian city breathe ancient urban grandeur and romance.


Kerala, India

Kerala is the most popular honeymoon destination in India, particularly because of its romantic resorts on the beaches, backwaters and hill stations.


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Langkawi, Malaysia
The beautiful beaches and untouched forests feel like a Minny heaven to completely loose yourselves into each other. also the hotels here are so well equipped and close to nature that you’d want to be in bed all day, not a bad idea when it comes to honeymooning isn’t it. the Activities in langkawi are meant to be done be couples, beautiful sunsets by the beach are perfect for drinks and kisses.



The alluring sea life here is just mesmerising to watch together. spend each day at a different island. the glowing beach is a must visit. Explore Malé relax unwind and bond together at a couples spa, deep sea diving gives u the chance to indulge in some underwater romance. Mirihi island resort is a must visit here.


Paris, France

Take away the luxe hotels, incredible shopping, and mind-blowing art, and Paris wouldstill be the most romantic honeymoon spot.

Make a Journey to the Island of the Temple of Love, A Lady and the Tramp Dinner in a Hidden Alley, A Canal + a Pink Balloon + Pizza Delivery and Explore the secret Waterfalls & Vineyards of Paris.



Though small in size relative to most European countries, Switzerland possesses exquisite natural scenery, picturesque villages, sophisticated cities, a rich cultural heritage and a stunning backdrop for your honeymoon whether you visit in winter, spring, summer or fall. Zurich’s charm and romance will enchant you. This city rests by the River Limmat and entices all visitors with its beautifully restored buildings, impressionistic bridges, and restaurants with a guild hall ambiance and impressive Swiss cuisine. This is the place for a lovely and loving interlude.


South Africa

Characterized by its exciting cities, majestic mountain ranges, tropical coastlines, and thrilling safari areas, a South African honeymoon has it all! Lovebirds come for the charm, natural beauty, exciting nightlife, world-class dining, safari adventures and romance that this beautiful country has to offer across its many unique destinations. South Africa offers a range of exceptional choices from golden beaches to wilderness areas where the Big Five reign supreme with the finest hotels and lodges.


Las Vegas

There’s nothing like it anywhere on this planet! Whether you gamble or not, it’s a magical place for an out-of-this-world honeymoon. Hundreds of couples marry here every Valentine’s Day. Thousands tie the knot in the glittering hotels and wedding chapels, and even more couples honeymoon here year round. This outrageous, action-packed place never shuts down and just about everything under the sun is at your fingertips at all hours of the day and night. All you have to do is choose what fits your mood at the moment. Just off the world famous Strip, you can explore the great outdoors together, see beautiful deserts capes, go climbing at Red Rock Canyon, marvel at ancient Indian cave drawings, or play golf on your choice of challenging championship courses. Every moment you share has a special sparkle here.

Crazy Streets of Las Vegas


Few destinations in the world offer as much honeymoon romance as Thailand. To make things even better, you get more for honeymoon money here than almost anywhere else. Quantity, service and value are unsurpassed. The rich history and culture of centuries are on display and so are may touches of tomorrow. There is a wide variety of things to do, both for couples who seek adventure and for those who just want to relax and enjoy each other after the wedding. You’ll be surrounded by beauty and smiles wherever you go. From the rolling hills of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the North to sparkling beaches of Phuket in the South you’ll find more to do than you can fit into one honeymoon. Ride an elephant, kayak over rushing rapids, take a spin in a typical “tuk tuk,” visit ancient temples and shop till you drop. Luxury is affordable here, so take advantage of it!



Dazzling Dubai, leader of the United Arab Emirates, is a striking, newer-than tomorrow oasis of futuristic buildings bordered by a majestic desert and the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. A young look and a sophisticated vivacity that is palpable make it one of the most exciting destinations in the Middle East. Its ultra modern facilities are the perfect combination of 21st century business and pleasure. Though it is a centuries old trading center and an ancient pearl diving capital, the city of Dubai is just over 20 years old and growing fast.


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A honeymoon in Greece has offered generations of newlyweds the experience of both an ancient civilization as well as a vibrant, living culture. As you explore all there is to do and see in Greece, you’ll be reminded of the many romantic scenes from the film. Athens, san Antonio .


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