An unforgettable journey – London, England

Aahh…London as said the city of dreams, Full of colours and multicultural. You will find people of almost all nationalities in this city. The city has everything to offer. There is something to look forward to for everyone. Visiting this city is a must.

I have spent the most beautiful 2 years of my life in this city for higher studies and there are a few special things about this city, which I would like to share with all of you.

Whenever one thinks about London, One pictures The Big Ben, Buckingham palace, London Bridge etc. but except for all these beautiful things, there is more to this city. Let me put a light on them.

The Underground tube trains are the lifeline of London and a lot many people here commute from these every day. Even the people who own their own vehicles prefer commuting via tubes.

When it comes to satisfying your taste buds, London won’t let you down. For, you will find all types of cuisines in the world here. Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Arabian etc. you name it they have it.

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London is the world’s number 1 shopping hub. Looking for amazing brands to buy then Oxford Street in London is the place to be. Unlike India, Dubai etc. London does not have a mall culture. They have shops of all famous brands of the world lined up in streets and shopping centres though they have one big famous mall called West Bridge.

There are a lot many tourist places like Buckingham palace, Hyde Park, tower of London, London museum, London eye, Madame Tussards (wax museum), London Bridge etc.

If like me even you are a nocturnal being then London’s nightlife is not going to let you down. You will find the best of Clubs, Pubs, and Casinos etc. even roaming on the streets at night is an exciting affair. For, the streets of London are always hustling and bustling no matter what time of a day.

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The people here are very friendly and this city is so multicultural that you won’t be able to guess the nationality of the person walking ahead of you, beside you or behind you, they could be African, American, and Asian etc.

Let me also put to your notice that when it comes to the cost of living, eating or commuting etc. this city will surely burn a hole in your pocket, because it is VERY expensive. But given that, I’d also like to add that, the rich lifestyle and living experience of this city are NO match for any other city of the world!

Do view all the pictures of London that I post in my gallery.

Lastly I would like to say that, London is a beautiful, peaceful and interesting city.

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Westminister abbey
Streets of London
Buckingham palace
Camden town – tattoo
parliament house, big ben
canary wharf station
Our Kohinoor in London Museum

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