Top 5 places in India to get you chills of Independence Day

Today the Importance of Independence day for many is mainly because its a Holiday. People look forward to Independence Day because they get a Holiday on that day. They do hoist the flag , they do purchase tiny flags from street signals just to throw them on the road the next day. How many of you pick up torn flags from the streets on 16th August, how many of you really don’t look at this

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Love: Chance worth taking !!!

I think, There’s nothing worst than burying your feelings deep inside. There’s nothing more beautiful than letting someone know that you consider them special enough to be deserving of your love. There’s nothing more perfect than that person reciprocating your feelings and there’s nothing more satisfactory than knowing that you at least gave love a chance.

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Top 3 corn variants you must try

Corn 🌽 its fruit, its a vegetable or a grain ? Well this dispute cannot be easily resolved but one thing is certain, corn can be eaten in so many different ways and can be prepared into so many varieties of dishes. Today we’ll have a look at 3 of the most loved and easy corn recipes. 1. Corn Fritters with Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce Ingredients For Fritters: 

150 gm corn on the cob,

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5 ways to get bigger lips naturally

Over the years there have been many beauty fads. Many new trends, in fashion and styling which have been hugely accepted by the masses and followed by thousands across the globe, be it cosmetic surgeries, botox injections or makeup tricks. People go to different lengths to achieve their desired look and fit into their definition of what they feel is beautiful. From round hips to heavy breasts, fashion trends have changed over the years and

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Dancing in the Rain !!!

 Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to end, its about learning how to dance in the rain. Rains are beautiful, so they say. To some its a disguise to hide their tears, to some its hope for a rainbow that will follow, to some its washing away of all the things that hold them back, to some its the fear of thunderstorms ⛈ and to me?, well to me its the ultimate time to

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