Best beaches of Mumbai you should visit now

When it comes to a perfect weekend getaway or a relaxing holiday, Beaches surely cross our mind. There’s something so serene about beaches that you feel joyful the moment you set foot on one. Waves gushing towards the shore, kissing the shore and descending away softly. The sun shining above you, warm sand filling your shoes, all these make beaches the perfect holiday spot.

The fast paced life of this metropolitan hardly gives us the chance to unwind and relax. Taking few days off for leisure is a luxury not everyone can afford, so what do we do to unwind after a long tiring week. Yepp you head to the beach. The plus point of Mumbai being an island city is that it is surrounded by the sea and thus has many beaches, but not all beaches are up to the mark in terms of fun activities and facilities and for us cleanliness is the first prerequisite when it comes to choosing a good beach. Here’s our take on the Best Beaches of Mumbai city

Juhu beach

The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian beaches. This beach is known to be the one of the most-visited beaches of India and is situated in ‘Ville Parle’. It is located approximately 18 km from the city center and is a desired location for most film shootings. Juhu Beach borders a posh locality where most celebrities stay and therefore, it is quite common to find famous celebrities jogging along the sands of this popular beach of Mumbai.

Tourists visit this beach because of its peaceful atmosphere and its scenic beauty. Juhu Beach is also famous for its local delicacies and street food. The food stalls set up here offer excellent cuisines and snack items. People in Mumbai visit this beach to relax and enjoy after a long, tedious day. Watching the sunset in this wonderful place, guarded by the vast Arabian Sea is a dream-like vision for anyone who visits the beach.

What you should try out :

  • Try out the various local cuisines offered at the food stalls and snack joints set up at the beach. The street foods such as ‘Pani Puri’, ‘Bhel Puri’ and ‘Pav Bhaji’ are just some of the many delicacies offered at the beach stalls.
  • One can also visit the famous Italian restaurants here such as Little Italy, Mangi Ferra, Don Giovanni, Penne and so on. Popular sea-food specialties are served at these quality restaurants sited near the Juhu Beach. Here, one can visit pubs and discotheques that are the youth joints of the area.
  • The ‘Gandhi Gram’ is located at the north end of the beach, which is a place where children often enjoy their summer vacations playing sports like basketball, cricket and football.
  • Exciting activities like horse and camel rides are also available at Juhu Beach. Apart from other activities, dancing monkeys are sure to enthrall the crowds.
  • Exploring the statues of Indian freedom fighters like ‘Lokmanya Tilak’ and many other important figures offers an interesting experience as well.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Juhu Beach is from the months of October to February. It is best to avoid visiting the beach during the monsoon season as high tides are expected during this time.

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Madh island

Madh Island Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Mumbai. Apart from being a renowned tourist spot, the beach is also one of the cleanest in the state. This beautiful beach is actually made of a cluster of little villages and farmlands situated on the North-Western coast of Mumbai. The shore is surrounded by mangroves which not only adds to its scenic beauty, but also separates the beach from the mainland.

What you should try out:

  • People can explore the local fishing communities that are situated very close to the seashore.
  • One can also enjoy the classy beats and tunes played by the DJs on this beach.
  • The Madh Island Beach is a popular venue for the shooting of films and if you are lucky, you might just stumble upon a set or two and get a glimpse of your favourite superstar.
  • ‘The Retreat’ and ‘The Resort’ are two popular five star hotels situated on this beach. Tourists can spend time enjoying the magnificent view of the beach, or get pampered at the spa or even indulge in some 5-star gourmet dishes.

Best Time To Visit
Although the Madh Island Beach is crowded throughout the year, the best time to visit is from October to June. At this time of the year, there is less humidity and the weather is pleasant.

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Girgaum Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai. Located in the heart of the city, this beach is most popular for its local delicacies which most people enjoy whenever they visit Chowpatty Beach. Watching the glorious sunsets from this beach is a sight worth seeing! This beach is a retreat from a tedious routine for many. Most people visit this beach to relax after a long, tiring day. People of all age-groups come here to enjoy the scenic beauty offered by the beach.

One can find beach vendors selling balloons, toys and local dishes such as spicy raw mango, roasted peanuts and Mumbai fast-food (or chaats). Tourists who visit Mumbai make it a point to visit this beach to experience the peaceful and serene atmosphere. People come here with their friends and families to spend several hours on this relaxing spot. A stroll on Mumbai’s Chowpatty Beach will guarantee you an experience of a lifetime.

What you should try out:

  • People who visit Chowpatty Beach, amuse themselves by watching monkeys dancing on the beach. One can also find snake-charmers who entertain the crowds with their antics. Fortune-tellers also capture the attention of people on the beach.
  • Many tourists who come here are interested to experience camel and horse rides that are available here.
  • This beach is a perfect place to perform Yoga ‘Asanas’ and to go for jogs.
  • The merry-go-rounds, ferry wheels, beebee gun shooting galleries on the beach are fun opportunities for the children to spend a great time.

Best Time To Visit
To experience a divine feeling, one can visit Chowpatty Beach anytime of the day. Crowd is considerably less during the wee hours of the mornings while evenings are just jam-packed. It is not a good idea to visit the beach during the monsoon season because high tides and water logging makes the place quite dangerous.

The best time to visit Chowpatty Beach is between the months of October to March. During the festival of ‘Ganesh Chathurthi’, idols of ‘Ganesh’ are immersed into the sea as a part of the celebrations and that presents quite a sight for the sore eyes.

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Gorai beach

Gorai beach is a very famous Mumbai suburb beach located about 4 to 6 kms from borivali. This beach is a safe and clean beach among other neighbor beaches like Madh marve and Manori beaches. Known as one of the best beach for picnic and weekend excursion. Gorai is also very famous lovers beach and a useful festival celebration beaches of Mumbai. Being one of the special beaches in Mumbai suburb, Gorai attracts many tourist and daily visiting locals. 

What you should try out :

  • Having enough places to stay overnight with resorts, hotels and majorly cottages near beach, Gorai attracts tourist and also locals to have weekend break here.
  • During nights this beach is quite pleasant, silent and during full moon day the beauty of the beach glows on the white sand with some sparkling shells and small snails around.
  • Enjoy the hawkers selling ‘Baraf golas’ (Ice Candy), ‘Chana Masala’, ‘Pani Puri’ and in monsoon enjoying hot ‘Sweet corn’ (Or Rosted Bhuttas) on beach. 

Best time to visit
Best to enjoy festivals, people enjoy holi on this beach with color and lay with beach water as its a festival of color and water. Ganesh festival makes this beach crowded for 5 to 7 days and this is the only beach for Big ganesh idol immersion. The crowd gives life to this beach and adds to its value and fame.

Make sure you treat yourself on a relaxing getaway by going to these beaches. Aah Mumbai has so much to offer !.

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