Best places in India for water sports

There is nothing like the thrill of having the wind in your face as you go for a ride on a hot bike or open-top car. Yet doing it on undulating waves of water as you ride a jet-ski or a speed boat raises it up several nautical notches. Happily, you don’t have to own a water vehicle for this particular adrenaline rush. Just head to one of the happening water sports, walk up to the kiosk selling tickets and go for it! If you think sun, surf and sand means simply lying down and lazing on the beach, think again. Today’s offerings go far beyond full-moon parties and shack lounging. Water sports are one of the biggest attractions for tourists looking for some excitement. From jet skiing to kayaking to scuba diving to parasailing, water sports are redefining what it means to have fun.

let’s explore some of the best water sport activities in India

River Rafting

When it comes to epic water adventures across India, few can compete with the daunting, but highly rated white water rafting. Navigate your way through the rafts, move your hands like it’s going to be the last technique of your life, rafting is a treat and river expedition which you will never forget throughout your life.

  • Rishikesh (Uttarakhand): This stretch is considered as the best and most wicked in India. Best season to go here is from September to June

  • River Indus (Ladakh ,Jammu and Kashmir): The rafting season begins in the month of June and lasts till August on the River Indus when the water levels are high.

  • Zanskar (Jammu and Kashmir): Rafting is held between Padumand Zimo regions in the Zanskar River which is located 12000 feet above sea level. Best time to go is July to August as the river freezes during winters.

  • Teesta River (Sikkim and Darjeeling): One can experience pedal and oar rafting here. Best season to experience this thrilling adventure is during winter months (October to April)


Indian water life can be best seen from the “deck” of your kayak. If you’re a true nature lover then Kayaking is something which you shouldn’t miss. Off Shore Island and travelling through marquee water ways makes kayaking an experience worth remember.

  • Brahmaputra River (Arunachal Pradesh): For anyone seeking an adventurous high, kayaking on the Brahmaputra River is the ultimate balm. The best season to enjoy this bold ride is between the months of November & March.

  • Subansiri kayaking (Arunachal Pradesh): The beckoning water of this river makes it an ideal destination for kayaking. Ideal time to go on this expedition is in the months of March, November and December.

  • Rishikesh: This kayaking track will take you through some challenging and not-so-wild stretches. Right time to go for this freaky activity is between October and April.



Sailing the high seas is one such memorable experience that you will never forget. Add this wonderful experience in your life and explore the high seas on your own. Simply sit back, relax and watch the world drift by.

  • Mumbai

  • Chennai

  • Bangalore

  • In the west coast, sailing depends upon the progress of monsoon; however in Chennai, summer is the best month to get high on the seas.

Scuba Diving

For all those who always wanted to don that oxygen tank and wet suits, the marine world is the place for you. Witness colorful reefs, overhangs, swim-through and big fish action. Discover the sights above and below water.

  • Grand Island, Goa: Ideal diving season is from October through May.

  • Lighthouse Point, Andaman: Best season to dive is between November and April.

  • Aravind’s Wall, Pondicherry: Best season to dive here is January through June and then September through November.

  • Mantra Point and the Wreck of the Princess Royal at Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep: May through June is the best time to dive in Lakshadweep.


There are many hide-outs in India where you can indulge in some rejuvenating sport of surfing. So, what are you waiting for? Time to surf and shake!

  • Kanyakumari: Good waves make this place one of the most recommended destination for surfing.

  • Kovalam Beach, Kerala: Probably the best known surfing spots in India; this spot is typically meant for your beach breaks.

  • Goa: This place has plenty to offer for all surfing enthusiast. Ideal time for surfing is between May and June.

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