12 Best Road Trips Terrains of India you Must Try.

The Road Trips are the best trips you can ever have and I personally love Road trips. In these you can see remote places, and other things which might be missed if travelled by other modes of transport as you just land on the spot you are visiting. Let me share with you some of the most beautiful and amazing road trip routes you must try once in your lifetime.

No matter your age or occupation, everyone could use a little fresh air from time to time. Taking a road trip with your friends or family can be an excellent way to shed some old skin and live a little, de-stress and forget your troubles for a while, and to make some fond memories along the way. It’s also one of the rites of passage for those who live in a country large enough to make road trips truly exciting, such as India, at least one road trip in a lifetime is essential before you can truly feel that you understand the pulse of your country better. Here is how to rejuvenate your spirit by hitting the road…

Pamban Bridge

The Pamban Bridge is a cantilever bridge that connects Pamban on Rameswaram Island to Tamil Nadu, India. There are rumours regarding a man letting his son die to save the lives of thousands while operating on the bridge. Spooky things aside, it is a must to-be-travelled road for bikers to be mesmerized by the surrounding blue waters.


NH 212

National Highway 212 connects Kozhikode in Kerala with Kollegal in Karnataka via Mysore and runs through theBandipur tiger reserve in Karnataka . Do look forward to close encounters with giant Elephants on the way!


Chandigarh-Manali Highway (NH 21)

The foodies and the ones in love with their cameras shall absolutely fall in love with this route. You must have the aaloo paranthas from the dhabas you come upon on the way with garam – garam chai.


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Leh-Srinagar Highway (NH 1D)

Leh-Ladakh are on the Top-5-Places-to-Visit List of each and every person who lives to travel! Riding to Leh from Srinagar on road is an amazing experience as it offers some astounding views.


Mumbai – Mahabaleshwar 

Indeed, the place is great and bountiful, rewarding the visitor with a mix of old-world charm, natural beauty and modernity leaving you wanting more.


Nirmal Highway (NH 222)

The Kalyan-Nirmal Highway runs within the states of Maharashtra and Telangana. This route shall hold you spellbound with its beauty but it might get dangerous post sunset, so we’ll advise you to avoid travelling once it gets dark.


Rohtang Pass

Manali on highway to Keylong/Leh. The panoramic and spectacular mountain view will simply take your breathe away.

rohtang pass_0

Mumbai-Pune Route

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is India’s first high speed, six-lane concrete road and is the best place for those of you who like to make their cars fly. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility!


Puri To Konark Route

Don’t consider this route as a plain Puri to Bhubaneshwar one, what it offers is every traveller’s dream come true. This road offers the travellers some beautiful, scenic views to enjoy the trip as much as the destination.


Mumbai – Goa

Road trip between Mumbai and goa needs no introduction. Driving on National Highway 17 is a pleasure, and the picturesque route has several food joints to answer your food cravings en route to the beach party capital of India – Goa.


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Ahmedabad to Kutch

journey to Kutch from Ahmedabad is fun and compliments the experience one gets on reaching the destination. The endless expanse of the white salt desert is brilliantly complimented by the colourful life of the people of Kutch and the neighbouring handicraft villages, including Nirona, Nakhtarana and Hodko.

Chennai To Munnar

The steamy weather in Chennai is something you want to avoid on the upcoming weekend, a trip to Munnar should definitely be on your to-do-list. The winding road and pleasant weather will make your trip a memorable one. Once at your destination, you either can bring out the adventurer in you by rock climbing and paragliding, or can simply learn the art of tea making.


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Road Trip Check list

  • Get your car or motorbike inspected by a trusted mechanic to make sure it is good for the trip.
  • Stock up a first aid and an emergency kit.
  • Pack as light as you can so that you have plenty of room available for those great souvenirs.
  • Charge your power bank so that your phone and camera does not die midway.

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