My Blind Date With The World – a surprise Trip to wonderland

18th January 2100, I just finished the last test of my board exams and was on my way home. I was exhausted but relieved that the tiresome and difficult examination was finally over, having no clue about how I would spend the next two months of vacation I thought to myself that the holidays would be spent sleeping and binge watching the sitcoms I’ve missed out on, maybe I’d take up a baking class too.

I Rang the doorbell and to my surprise dad opened the door, an undeniably excited look was on his face. But hold on this was a Monday, he was supposed to be at work, and being the punctual and particular person that he is, he wouldn’t miss work for anything. “Aren’t you supposed to be at work”, to which he just blankly smiled at me. I thought to myself “maybe he just had an extra peg of his favorite whisky”, I got inside just to find my mom with a pile of clothes and two huge suitcases on the floor. (She’s packing but where is she going ?, OMG did she and dad have a fight and she’s leaving us, is that why dad’s so happy ?)

All these thoughts were echoing in my head when dad patted my shoulder and told me to go get ready quickly, confused I looked at the stuff mom was packing and noticed that she was packing my stuff too. I don’t remember if I was shocked or excited but I remember frantically asking my parents where we were going and they not telling me, their happy faces told me it was some place amazing but I just prayed in my heart that it shouldn’t be my grandma’s place as it’s So boring.

I was already tired from examination and now my parents wanted me to get ready for an unknown destination, “ can’t you guys just carry on and go without me, I mean I’m looking forward to some sleep”.

To which mom replied “you really want to spend this year’s vacation sleeping just like last year ?, Let’s go for an adventure instead, you can think of it as “Your Blind Date With The World

These words hit me like a lightning bolt, a lightning bolt made of rainbows because it felt like music to my ears, I’ve always loved traveling and the idea of going on a blind date with the world and exploring a new place was exciting enough to refresh me with new energy and make me forget how tired I was.


Within two hours we got ready and reached the nearest teleport station. Thank God we don’t have to spend numerous hours traveling in an airplane like our ancestors did.

From there we headed to the most advanced and fastest teleport portal – Lufthansa, their teleportation speed record is unmatched till date. At this moment I decided to be Open-minded about my journey ahead and not guess where we were going. Thank God India is a superpower else we would have to wait in queue for a visa just like the citizens of other countries, by the way did you know that many decades ago in the 21st century, America’s economy was ahead of India? Funny isn’t it, but it’s true.

Anyways, our family stood at the Lufthansa teleport portal and few seconds later we were standing in a new teleport station, in a new country. I looked around for a sign board and I can’t tell you how surprised I was that we were in a place that was always on the top of my Bucket list – Switzerland.

A part of me knew why we came here but I decided to keep it to myself as I didn’t want to spoil my parent’s excitement of giving me a surprise.

Within the next few minutes we reached our Destination, I was right we were here because we were going to visit “wonderland”. I swear I almost cried because of happiness. After an excited group hug we entered what I think is the most spectacular theme park in the world, we were greeted by little pixie fairies and there were dragons flying high up in sky, we could hear the roar of a T-Rex dinosaur from a distance, they all looked so real that you couldn’t even guess they were robots. Wonderland spans kilometers and it’s extremely tiresome to walk through it all so we opted to take a transformer car that would drive us to each attraction and then transform into a robot to become our tour guide who explained us the details of everything.


We spent the day feeding dinosaurs, talking to fairies and learning archery from centaurs( half man half horse), and eating loads of chocolates from the Swiss chocolate mountain, me and Dad would’ve eaten the entire mountain had mom not stopped us, and the best part  of it all was riding on the back of dragons, as we got a beautiful bird’s eye view or should I say, dragon’s eye view of the entire park. Finally it was closing time and we had to leave with a heavy heart and loads of wonderful and beautiful memories. Rest of the week was spent exploring the beautiful sceneries of Switzerland.

This trip strengthened my bond with my parents so much, and it was the most enriching experience of my life. World exploration had always been an adventure that was on top of my bucket list and this trip left me hungry for more, because the world has endless possibilities and untapped horizons waiting for me to explore them.

And that’s how I became a travel blogger.

That’s how I became a world explorer.

That’s how I decided to #SayYesToTheWorld.

Before you plan on exploring the world you should see this beautiful video to know “Why do you love the world”

Disclaimer: I’ve mentioned a very possible Utopian future in this blog post, I am writing this blog post on the amazing concept of  #SayYesToTheWorld and #TheBlindList in association with #Indiblogger and #Lufthansa airways, you can check the same out here


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