The Land of Pyramids – Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt situated on North east of Africa is a Muslim country. It is adjacent to Arab countries. The moment you step in Cairo you get immersed in its rich culture and magnificent history Cairo is famous for Nile, the longest river in the world and as most of you must be knowing that Egyptian civilization is the oldest in the world. Tahir square is the main centre point of this city and Ramses Square,

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A Royal affair – Dubai, UAE

Dubai is famous for many things such as Tourism, Shopping, Skyscrappers, Work etc. Dubai is one of the seven states (Emirate) of UAE, and is the popular state of them all. There are 80-90% expatriates in this city consisting of service class people and some running their own business. As they are Woking people, the male ratio is higher than female. I have spent one year of my life working in this beautiful city and

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An unforgettable journey – London, England

Aahh…London as said the city of dreams, Full of colours and multicultural. You will find people of almost all nationalities in this city. The city has everything to offer. There is something to look forward to for everyone. Visiting this city is a must. I have spent the most beautiful 2 years of my life in this city for higher studies and there are a few special things about this city, which I would like

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