Easiest Nail Art Ever

Nail art is a creative activity that draws pictures or designs fingernails. It a type of art. These days fingernails and toenails are seen by some as important points of beauty. Also, it is a type of fashion activity In ancient times, nail art displayed social class while from the 19th century it became allowed for everyone and became considered as a part of fashion as well. now a days many women sport different styles

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For Your Eyes Only! – The best Eye Make up Tutorial

what is the first feature you notice about a person? Obviously the eyes. One look into them and you can understand a person. It is no wonder why, they are called the window to a person’s soul. This Eye Make up tutorial will help you enhance them. now I’d like to share two of my favourite eye makeup tricks which will help you enhance the beauty of your eyes, and add to your gorgeousness. eyes

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