Shop Smart – Shop Online !

Shop Online: Buying of products online was started of as a popular trends and now has become a crucial part of today’s life. Today’s hectic lifestyle does not allow one to make enough time for miscellaneous things such as shopping, self grooming and even socialising which has resulted in the growth of E-commerce. E-commerce took time to take off initially because of two main factors : People did not trust the authenticity of products; because

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The Importance of Regional Sports in India

Cricket – not only a sport but also a religion in India. For almost 5 decades, this sport has been the most famous sport of India, even the national sport Hockey is overshadowed by cricket. Cricketers are considered ideals and role models by almost every kid in India. There will hardly be one soul in India who does not have the knowledge of this sport but is this the only sport of India? No. There

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