Can you become a millionaire overnight?

If you think I will tell you the magic words for becoming an overnight millionaire then you are wrong. There are no shortcuts to make money unless you do something unethical.But, Yes you can become a millionaire provided you work hard and smart. There are lots and lots of opportunities in today’s world than ever before. If you think that, by earning a salary of 20k-30k INR or even 50K INR a month can make

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Is paying Crores of rupees for a cubic sized home justified?

The property rate in India has seen tremendous growth specially in metro cities and amongst them, Mumbai has seen the highest growth in last 1-2 decade. Sometimes I wonder if crores of rupees for an apartment of an area less than 500 sq ft worth it? Are we habituated of such a lifestyle or are we helpless because we need to migrate to Big cities to make a living? You won’t find a home below

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