Daily health and skin care routine for Men

Who said men don’t require a daily fashion and health regime? We all love looking gorgeous, we all love getting noticed and in order to achieve that we go to great lengths. From makeup to even surgeries, all methods to look good are welcome but what we often overlook is the fact that over time all these artificial things can have a very negative effect on our health affecting our overall look and sometimes make us look older than we are.

What we also over look is the fact that its not only women who need to look good but also men. Gone are the days where rugged looking men were considered Greek gods, now is the time for good healthy glowing skin and well maintained health.

All though artificial methods of enhancing ones looks does the trick for a short while, maintaining a daily skin and health care routine will go a long way in giving you a natural glow that will make you stand out in the crowd. So what if you weren’t born with good facial features, when you have a healthy glow you always look good.

In this article I’ll share with you few of my tips on how I maintain my skin and health care routine.

1. Start healthy: No matter what my breakfast is in the morning, I always include a glass of pomegranate juice in it. Pomegranate will not only help boost your immunity but will also strengthen your digestive system, purifying your blood to give you a healthy glow. It will also help in keeping your sperms active and healthy. Keep that in mind boys, a glass of pomegranate juice everyday is like doing a favour on your health.

2. A mild facewash to begin with: The last thing you want to do is subject your face to harsh soaps when you begin your day, so always go for a mild facewash that is gentle on your skin. I use the Himalaya cucumber facewash which is cooling and gentle.


3. Keep it clean: Although a beard or stubble is very much in vogue these days, a  clean shaven face looks great as well, so always use a good shaving foam and not just any soap when you shave as that might leave you with irritated skin and rashes. I use the Nivea Men shaving Foam, for sensitive skin, it always leaves a soothing effect. After shaving I use the after shave balm GOlD from Jay Z.

4. Body too: While you take so much care of your face, why neglect your body. Do not wash your body with regular soaps as they steal the essential moisture leaving you with dry and rough skin. Always try to use a good body wash on a loofah to help scrub your skin as well has retain its moisture. I use the Dove Gentle Exfoliant body wash which comes with Nutrium moisture. It leaves my skin softer and smoother after every shower.

5. Moisturising is a must: After you are done with bathing, always apply a generous amount of moisturiser to your body, this leaves a protective layer on your skin protecting it from outside harshness and also keeps it from getting dry and dehydrated. I use the Mahogany Woods body lotion for men from Bath & Body Works, it not only smells great but also leaves a soothing effect on skin. For my face I use the Loreal Men expert pure power moisturiser Hydratant

6. Scrub at the end: During the day your skin can become oily and shiny, pores can become blocked leaving a high chance for acne. Thus when you return home, always wash your face with a scrub so as to eliminate impurities and excess of sebum. I use the Loreal Men expert oil controller with micro beeds.


8. Walnuts are best: Always try to include atleast two walnuts in your daily diet, it is a great source of vitamins and always helps maintain healthy hair and prevents premature greying to a great extent.

9. Oiling: No matter what shampoo you use, always oil your hair before bed. it will not only relax your scalp and make you feel rejuvenated but also boost the blood circulation to hair follicles and strengthen them. Thus preventing breakage and promoting new hair growth. I use a bit of 100% natural coconut oil by Oriflame before bed everyday.

10. Last but not the least: Our mouths are susceptible to increased activity of dental germs leaving us at the risk of bad breath and also cavity. So make sure to use a mouth wash after brushing your teeth before bed everyday. I use the Colgate plax mouth wash.

Maintaining a good health and skin care regime doesn’t not really require much time or effort. Just make it into a daily habit and it shall become a part of your routine.

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