Everything you need to maintain your bike

What do you think of when you want an adrenaline rush, bungee jumping? Sky diving? Yeah these sure make it to the list, but there’s one activity which is so cool and so much fun that you can never go wrong with it, two wheels a road map and loads of speed, yes bike rides are adventure on wheels

For all those who love bikes and love going on long bike rides the importance of maintaining your bike isn’t unknown, for all those who are new to this adventure, fear not because in this article we are going to share with you a few tips on how to maintain and accessorise your bike

1. Make sure the tyres are perfectly fine.

For maintaining your bike the first and most important thing you should do is make sure from time to time that the tyres are in proper shape – A thorough look at the condition of your bike and the air pressure. Make sure that the tyre air pressures are maintained at the levels which are recommended by your bike manufacturer. Do check tyres for possible cuts and scrapes that could cause a undesirable things like tyre blowout. Do not forget to check your tyre treads at least once in a week. Also check for the wheel balance and alignment.

In order to check Tyre pressure, you can use kastar- pen type Tire Pressure Gauge from BikeBandit which is a solid brass construction that displays the gas pressure of the bike in a digital display.

Motorcycle Tires | www.bikebandit.com
Motorcycle Tires | www.bikebandit.com

2. Replace tyres when the need comes.

Motorcycle tire rubber is softer than car tire rubber because it has to be. A typical contact patch between your motorcycle tire and the pavement is about the size of a credit card. Hard tires are more likely to slip and slide, while soft rubber will grip the pavement. You need that grip to stay on your bike.

Unfortunately, that extra grip comes at a price. The softer rubber of a motorcycle tire wears out and gets hard faster than a car tire. If you are riding on old tires, please be careful because you probably don’t have the same level of grip as your friend’s new bike. Your friend’s “credit cards” are stickier than your “credit cards”.

So it’s advisable to replace your tires once they’ve worn out, you can choose from a range of superior quality tired online from BikeBandit

3. Make sure clutch adjustment is proper

Clutch is used to change the gears on regular intervals during the ride and is very often used. The clutch should be adjusted correctly and should have the right amount of free play. Don’t tighten your clutch too much – an over tightened clutch would cause it to slip without your notice and also leads to increase in fuel consumption. So, make sure you have the right clutch adjustments in place.

Engine | www.bikebandit.com
Engine | www.bikebandit.com

4. Engine is most important

Engine is the heart of your bike – Servicing your bike regularly and tuning it up would keep the engine running like clockwork, thus reducing your petrol bills.

Last but not the least.

Bike Modification | www.bikebandit.com
Bike Modification | www.bikebandit.com

5. Look like a professional biker

Now that you know the basic requirements for the maintenance of your bike, it’s time to look like a professional biker with biking gear and accessories, BikeBandit has the coolest and perfect collection of bike accessories ranging from helmets to biker jackets to rider bags, gloves etc even biker boots. BikeBandit is your one stop destination for all your bike requirements.

Disclaimer: This post was made in association with BikeBandit

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