What exactly do we mean by Gender equality?

Whatever is a Man’s right should be a Female’s right too. 
whatever privileges are enjoyed by a Man should be enjoyed by a Female too, 
but doesn’t that mean that whatever is expected of a man should be expected of a woman too? 
While travelling on a bus today I noticed that women wouldn’t cease a chance to occupy the seats allotted for women by Law because it is their right. My attention was drawn to one particular woman who was so enthusiastic about Practising her right to occupy a seat reserved for women that she made a cripple old man give it up for her.
Being a woman myself I wasn’t proud of this, I realised that when we talk of Gender equality why don’t we talk about all aspects where in a woman should equal a man in whatever he does ? If in this scenario a man would have made an old lady give up her seat for him, we’d label him as disrespectful.
Why can’t chivalry be something both sexes practice equally. If we see a video of a man raising his hand on a woman we are disgusted by it, on the contrary if we see a woman slapping a man we automatically assume that the man must’ve done something offensive. If we call a woman fat its body shaming but we are okay with taking digs at a heavy weighing young man because he is the son of a famous businessman?, calling a woman a ” bitch” is disrespectful  but the notion ” All men are dogs” is used on a daily basis ?
No I’m not against Feminism in fact I am for it and that’s the reason why I feel that when we talk about equality we should really cover every aspect. 🙂 

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