For Your Eyes Only! – The best Eye Make up Tutorial

what is the first feature you notice about a person? Obviously the eyes. One look into them and you can understand a person. It is no wonder why, they are called the window to a person’s soul. This Eye Make up tutorial will help you enhance them.
now I’d like to share two of my favourite eye makeup tricks which will help you enhance the beauty of your eyes, and add to your gorgeousness. eyes are your best feature, let me help you accentuate them with just a Kohl pencil or eyeliner.

1) The classic winged tip .
this yesteryear eye lining style has one again caught peoples eye(pun intended), and is now a days a hot favourite.  many people find it a bit difficult to pull off, worry not because I’m about to tell you the easiest way to apply a winged tip styled eyeliner

Apparatus that you will need
• Any foundation /compact powder
• A kohl /kajal pencil
• A mascara

now before you start with the eye makeup, just dab a little compact powder on your upper eyelid with your finger tip of your finger, The idea is to have a smooth canvas to apply eye makeup. A well prepped eye will ensure that makeup lasts longer and there is no flaking off.

How to do it : now this Is the fun part, close your eye and place your finger on the edge of your upper eye lid, now pull like you’re mimicking a Chinese person
take your eye liner/ kajal pencil and draw a straight neat line from the inner corner of your upper eye lashes to the edge of your upper lid, now when u reach the edge of the upper lid, twist the pencil and draw a slight curve upward. do the same with the other eye, make sure you pull lids of both eyes upward at the same angle so that the liner isn’t mismatched and are even.

now apply mascara evenly to your upper and lower eye lashes to finish the look.
voila! in a matter of minutes you have got the classic winged tipped liner perfectly !

2) Arabic eyes : now this style is my personal favourite as it goes with every look in every occasion. if you have almond shaped eyes, this look will make them look even more beautiful.

Apparatus you’ll need :
• an eyeliner, kohl/ kajal pencil
• a shimmery eye shadow of your choice
• a mascara.

How to do it :
take a liner, kohl/kajal pencil and Line your eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner, the trick here is to make it appear almond shaped and a bit extended from the outer corner. make a pointy edge in the inner corner of your lids to make your eyes look sharp and almond shaped.
Also, line the lower lash line keeping it medium thick to highlight the eyes.
In the end, apply your favorite mascara to finish the look

The beauty of both these looks is the ease of execution. You can pair these looks with both Indian and Western wear .Keep the lips light or nude and let the eyes be the center of the attraction. These looks is spellbinding and suits both long and short up do.

so now that you know how to get those eyes of yours look more gorgeous, what are you waiting for, let the party begin ! .


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