Failures and struggles are the stepping stones towards success

Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with Goals so strong that obstacles, Failure and loss only act as Motivation.

Failures are a part of everyone’s destiny. No one gets everything on a platter, we often think that people with successful parents have everything already set up for them but its not true, no matter how strong the back up, its not compulsory that you’ll be good at what your parents were good at, or that success will come easily to you if you enter their established field of work. Nope, having a good backup can just bring you to the edge of a cliff and push you off it, then it entirely depends on you how you spread your wings and fly, rarely some are able to fly in the first go, many stumble , fall and get bruised.

Yes that is the reality of life, everyone has their fair share of struggles it depends on you, whether you want to crib about how miserable life is, or whether you want to take every obstacle as a stepping stone towards a higher goal. The One’s born without a silver-spoon in their mouth think that life is an endless struggle, well it is a struggle but not endless, hard work pays off, we just have to learn how to never give up. And in the end i personally believe its about your deeds, don’t hurt anyone, be kind to the needy, feed the hungry and make at least one person smile everyday, all these things go a long way in adding that required Luck to all your endeavours

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