Our favourite brands and why we love them

Brands are a lot like people, so the relationship between a brand and a consumer is similar to our interpersonal relationships. Just as someone would put effort into a personal relationship, a brand should put effort into its relationship with consumers. 

Some people have a fierce devotion to their brands, camping outside to be first in line for a product release. This love for Brands is because, they maintain a High quality and durability in order to retain their prestige and market value. 

Though Branded products are usually more expensive than non branded ones, they are a good investment because of superior quality and longevity. Well, that’s the basic criteria and prerequisite we look for before investing in any brand, keeping that in mind. Here’s a list of our favourite Brands. 




  • H & M for casuals, they have some really cool designs, are comfortable and retain a good quality for long. 
  • VanHuesen for Formals, – they have classy designs, great fitting  and high Fabric quality which lasts for a long period of time.   



  • Versace – the smell lingers for longer and smells amazing 
  • Chanel Blue- my personal favourite, this one lingers on your clothes for days and the fragrance is masculine and amazing. 

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  • Puma – durable, comfortable and they look great 
  • Metro– durable, affordable and excellent for daily rough use. 

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  • Rado– looks classy and manly 
  • Citizen– affordable,  looks masculine and is great for daily wear. 





  • Zara – the fit is amazing, designs are very trendy and price tags are affordable 
  • Forever 21– amazing designs, good fabric quality and have a young vibe to it 
  • Lifestyle– my personal favourite, great fit, stylish designs affordable price-tag 

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  • Prada milano- amazing fragrance that isn’t too sweet,
  • Marc jacob’s “Daisy dream” – my favourite perfume, very feminine and sweet fragrance. 



  • Bata – the most affordable and durable shoes
  • Metro – very affordable stylish and can be worn in daily rough wear,
  • Christian Louboutin – priced possession, nothing can look as classy as Louboutins. 



  • Mac– they have amazing eye makeup range,
  • Loreal– affordable good quality makeup that you can use on a daily basis. 

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We do like and use many other brands besides listed above but these are our most preferable and favourite one.

The above mentioned brands fulfil the prerequisites of : Good quality, Durability, Style  and affordability and hence are our favourites. Do let us know about your favourite brands as well. 


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