Flower Crown – The Latest Fashion Trend

This Season, our love affair with flower crowns has blossomed into a serious obsession. Not only are these beautiful, blooming wreaths bright and colorful, but they also make us feel like tiara-sporting Princess when we put them on. We’ve spotted the popular style at weddings and around festivals all season long, and we’re inspired to keep rocking our stunning head toppers all the way through The season

Lubuzine gives you some great flower crown tips that will look great on you :

1) For festivals, some people like fake flowers that will last for a few days. If you’re wearing real flowers, keep them in the refrigerator before to help them last longer throughout the day. Just know that once you’re wearing the crown in the heat, the time counts down, like Cinderella. That’s sort of the beautiful thing about them; they only last for so long, so you want to make the most of it while you can.

2) Sometimes it helps to just put a couple of bobby pins in there, but for the most part if you tie the ribbon, it stays on pretty well. I’ve met girls who have beautiful afros and wear the crown, or someone with a pixie cut or supercurly hair, because it’s easy to adjust the ribbon. Also, I love the look of the ribbon; there’s something so girly and innocent about it.

3) You can’t go wrong wearing a flower crown if you have a middle part and long, wavy hair, but really everyone can rock the look. You could braid the ribbons down into pigtails, or wear your hair in a bun and wrap the ribbon around it; it really doesn’t matter.

4) When it comes to Makeup, It really just depends on what kind of look you’re going for that day. If you’re thinking about more of a boho look, maybe you want more neutral-colored flowers. If you’re a girl who’s gonna wear a bright floral print, then maybe you want a brighter, more colorful option.

5) When you are trying to make a crown yourself, The secret is finding really great floral wire because you’re really using wire to sew your flowers into the crown. You can find it at the hardware store or in your local flower district.

6) Arranging the flowers is like a painting. I pick one thing and then I pick another, one by one as I add the flowers. So, depending on the color scheme, it’s nice to have a bunch of different flowers, huge blooms and smaller dainty ones.

Few of my pictures with the flower crown are below.






So these were some great and simple tips on styling up a cute flower crown and making one yourself. What you waiting for? Go crown yourself.

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