Top 10 Beautiful Forest of the World

Dense forest, plants, trees, rivers, greenery always allures all nature lovers. Thus, the rise of the modern eco-tourism industry has made it easier for casual nature-lovers to experience Green landscapes.

A trip into a rainforest or jungle is to enter the richest habitat on earth and experience the Eco-system which supports plant and animals. This is the area of animals and plants and here humans are not accepted. They are rather tolerated. You must visit these place with care and one has to be open with the challenges that will be faced while experiencing this zone.

The best way to visit these precious environments is on an organized tour. Some forests are relatively safe from harm and quite welcoming, but some are fragile and should be visited with care. There are many local tourism and volunteers available who will educate visitors and support them. This will help you to experience this magical places with safe.

Let us discuss the top 10 rainforest destination in detail.

1 Sinharaja Forest Reserve – Sri Lanka
This is also a national park in Sri Lanka. UNESCO has declared this park in World Heritage Site and also taken in as Biosphere Reserve. Sinharaja means “Kingdom of the Lion”. It is difficult to spot wild animals in this place due to thick trees. Apart from Lion, it is also the home to elephants, leopards etc.

2 Santa Elena Cloud Forest – Costa Rica
This forest is a paradise for every nature lover. It is also known as cloud forest. When you walk through this forest, you will notice flowers, ferns on almost every tree. It is looks very beautiful with the clouds coming really low. It might look scary as well. The clouds provide needed moisture to the plants on continuous basis. It helps plants to grow and nurture. Take a walk though this amazing place and you will surely be stunned with its beauty.

3 Daintree Rainforest – Queensland, Australia
This is a tropical rainforest. It covers an area of around 2,600 square kilometers. The rainforest is named after Richard Daintree. The area between Mossman Gorge and Bloomfield River is entirely the forest. The area also has a Daintree National Park and some lands that are privately owned. The forest is home to some of the earliest plants on Earth such as Psilotopsida and the Lycopsida and therefore is one of the most important forests in the world.


4 The Congo Rainforest – Central Africa
It is the second largest rainforest in the world. It also has one of the longest rivers running in this forest. The bigger part of Northern Congo Is covered by this rainforest. This jungle is very much safe for the visitors. If you have heard of the pygmy chimpanzee, then you should surely give this forest a visit because it lives only in the Congo rainforest. There are many other precious species living in the cover of this forest as well.

5 AMAZON – South America
It is also known as Amazonia or Amazon Jungle. It is the largest jungle in the world and covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. It is spread over an area of 1.7 billion acres. The forest runs through Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Majority of the forest is contained in Brazil which is around 60 percent. It is a beautiful canvas set in green.

In this busy life and today’s hectic lifestyle it is often difficult for us to take a break from work and go on adventure / Eco- tourism trips which bring us close to nature. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to be surrounded in beautiful greenery and sip a cup of coffee in the comfort of your own garden after a long tiring day? Make this dream of yours a reality. Visit for more information.
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6 Tongass National Forest – Alaska

In the southeastern Alaska, this is the biggest national forest in the United States. It spreads across an area of 17 million acres. It is home to rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. It encompasses the islands of the Alexander Archipelago, fjords, glaciers and peaks of the Coast Mountains.

7. Loango National Park – Gabon
Gabon is a country in Africa which is an ideal place for rain forest seekers. Forest covers 80 percent of the country. There are 13 national parks here and they are well preserved by this country. There is no political instability in this country which makes it more attractive for the tourist who is looking to Africa. This country can be a good start for the one who is seeking wilderness. You will find gorillas, elephants, reptiles, birds and many other species in this park.

8 Darien National Park – Panama
Darien National Park which is located in Panama is one of the largest stretch in Central America. There is a huge land of dense jungle and mountains here. Here you will also find some of the unique mammal species. Only guided tours from travel company or local guide is recommended to visit this place. As this is not suitable for walk tours. There is lowland and highland all over the park.

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9 Olympic National Park – USA
Olympic national park is located near Seattle of USA. It is easily accessible for US people who are seeking jungle adventure. This rain forest has coniferous trees. Rain forest covers the western regions of the park. Long looping trails make multi-day treks possible, and the park’s inner recesses are remote enough that people will feel like they are truly on a rain forest adventure.


10 Monteverde Reserve – Costa Rica
Monteverde is one of Costa Rica’s most interesting locations, and is also an important rainforest. Monteverde supports more than one hundred mammal species, four hundred species of bird, tens of thousands of different insects and two-and-a-half thousand different plants, including more than 400 different kinds of orchid. Monteverde Reserve’s most famous resident must be the resplendent quetzal, but howler monkeys, jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, macaws, snakes, butterflies etc. also make their homes here, to name but a few.

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