How Lubuzine was Born

A short Story of Ali and Lubaina

He was a student, busy making his career, building dreams in the royal city, having the time of his life.
She was a student, busy with her homework aspiring for a bright career, making big plans for a life.

He returned to his mother land with dreams soaring high,
She was on the first step of making her career so bright.
And then the universe conspired in the most beautiful way. And their paths crossed. 16th October 2010 with the rising sun arose a love that was irrevocable and strong, with it arose a dream that would last very long …

This is our story, this is how Ali met Lubaina, this is the foundation of the dream we saw together, of Lubuzine, a dream of discovering new places, of travelling new places, of meeting new people, making new friends, a dream of making new memories a dream of capturing beauty and a dream of sharing it with you all.


Today on our 3 and half year marriage anniversary 22nd January 2017 we reveal ourselves and our beautiful bond to you, what started off as an idea is now a raging dream, the overwhelming response we got for ” Lubuzine” has led us to connect with all our subscribers on a personal level Thus on the beautiful occasion of our 3 year anniversary we reveal ourselves to you and ask you to continue joining us in our journey thorough our eyes, through Ali and Lubaina’s eyes.

Foundation of Lubuzine

When we visited Kerala in 2014 for our honeymoon we were so mesmerised by the idea of exploring new places together that we decided to travel the world together and in January 2016 after Ali’s endless insisting he set up a blog for Lubaina on blogspot to showcase her writing skills. She started writing quotes on blog for one whole month.

In February after reading much about blogs and its exposure, Ali decided to share their passion for travel and food as well and quickly he registered a blog name Lubuzine. ” The name inspired from Lubaina and Magazine.

Then Ali had many travel stories and Lubaina had something to share on fashion and food. By the end of Febrauary we made our blog fully live and made it a lifestyle blog sharing about Fashion food, travel and quotes. Within month or two, we got noticed and Lubaina was offered to handle a big Instagram page and we readily accepted it. We are still managing the same.


Within six month we have grown a lot and made a firm footing in the bloggers arena. Our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have shown tremendous growth and so have the visitors on our blog. We started getting invites from well known food brands to review their food and menu. We have also been invited by Starbucks twice.

We have written Guest for Web blog like CultureTrip, GoDates and OutOfTownblog. Also our interview has been published on other blogs like travelbloggersinterview, Dontstopliving, TravelNotesandBeyond. You can read more about us here

So this was our journey so far and looking forward to many more in coming months/ years.
Come join us. Come lets explore together.

P.S. We have also started YouTube Channel and posted some cool videos. Check and Subscribe here.

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