How to pull off the Geek look (Men)

Geek Look – In today’s world, fashion and style trends change faster than seasons. What looks like latest fashion today will be deemed as drab tomorrow. Its difficult to stay up to date with trends, as it requires a lot of shopping and heavy pockets.

lets Face it, not all of us have the capital and time to refurbish our wardrobes every now and then. Yet there are some trends which are evergreen, some ” looks” that can never go out of fashion. Yes, in today’s world weird is the new cool, geek is the new smart. So we bring to you an easy tutorial of how you can pull off the ” Geek Look”

The ideas that I am going to share with you today will give you a complete Geek look🤓

1. Who said Geeks cant be classy ?
When we think of a Geek look all that comes to our minds is looks chequered shirts distressed denims or baggy jeans. You can pull off an amazing Geek look by opting for classy formals as well. Just like in this picture, team up matching trousers and a waistcoat with a lighter shirt inside. The great thing about any piece of personal tailoring is how it can be used to highlight or disguise aspects of your figure whilst still keeping you looking completely put together and dapper.


2. Hats on
They say a well dressed man looks better than a shirtless man with abs, that is absolutely true. A good hat on a well dressed man is like cherry on a cake, it completes the geek look and will make you look like a thorough gentleman.


3. Time to put the Geek Frames on.
The Geek frames or the black framed glasses are a hot fashion today. These frames make you look smart and yet add a fun element to your look. Black frames or Geek frames suit almost all face shapes so it can never go wrong, also it adds a hint of fun element to your formal look and makes your Geek look even more classy.


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4. Watch it.
Even though our smartphones show us the time, if you got to pull off the Geek look then you have to wear a good watch, why ? Because that’s what Geeks do. Here, I have sported a silver metal finished watch with a big dial that gives our Geek look an extra edge.


The best part about waistcoat geek look is that waistcoats look good on all waist sizes so one is guaranteed to look smart. Also there are so many fun ways of carrying around your waist coat like in this picture, carry your coat on your shoulder like its a cool bikers jacket.




So in the next party you attend, try out these steps and sport a fun Geek look. Do let us know how smartly you pulled it off.

Photo Credit: Huzaifa Sadriwala

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