A Tale of Iran and its People

I had been to Iran in 2007 with my family, and there Visited two of Iran’s most popular cities, Tehran and Kumbh.

This was my first International trip, and i was very much excited about it. Though this was pilgrimage trip but also turned out to be super fun.

The country itself amazed me because I thought this would be a backward country and a deserted area with hot weather but it turned out to be the complete opposite. The country has everything from landscape stretching, dense forests to snow capped mountains to desert basins, and beautiful beaches. Delicious food, hospitable people and historic sites.

Iran currently ranks 53th in tourism revenues worldwide. Iran with attractive natural and historical sites is rated among the 10 most touristic countries in the world in terms of its history,diversity of climatic conditions and the variety of landscapes.

The landscape of Iran is diverse, providing a range of activities from hiking and skiing in the Alborz mountains, to beach holidays by the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.

The weather was really cool in the month of May and it was Drizzling which added to the pleasant atmosphere. The city was very clean and green. The locals were very stylish and modern, you will find them in denims and jacket with an abaya on their head. From our driver i found out that Iran had become Islamist before 25 years.

There is a current obsession in mainstream media and academic discourse pertaining to Islam and the West. This current obsession is tinged with negative signifiers with the global media’s predominantly negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims, depicting Muslims generally as violent, fanatical, bigoted, or as extremists and terrorists. and so even my perspective or presumption of how Iran and its people would be was based majorly on Media’s portrayal. but a tiny yet heart warming gesture of an Iranian lady changed the way I look at Muslim countries now.

let me put light on that incident :
We were travelling and found one park, so we stopped there and as it was lunch time, my father went out to buy some food and the rest of my family stayed back in the park. An Iranian Lady came close to us and looking at our clothes and color she found out that we are Indian so she was trying to make conversation as she was excited to see some foreigners but we could not understand her language and neither could she understand ours. They speak Farsi(Hebrew) and we just knew Hindi, English and Arabic so it was very much difficult. So we started talking in sign language which was very sweet and we found out that she likes Indians and was happy to see us and that she stays nearby.

My dad came in with a watermelon, papaya and a pizza. He forgot to bring water. Now, the Dilemma was that we didn’t have a knife to cut the fruits and neither did we have serving dishes nor water. By looking at all of this, the Iranian Lady told us to wait by gesture and she left. We were wondering why she told us so. After 5 mins she came with a water cooler, a knife and serving dishes. We were so touched and happy with her gesture and we all shared the food and had a good time.

Not every Muslim is an extremist.
Really Humanity is above everything.

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