All about the holiest city in the world – Jerusalem, Israel

What has not already been said about the holiest city in the world, the city that has been united, the eternal city first built thousands of years ago, whose history can be heard in the whispering of the wind along the walls, where every stone tells a wondrous story of a city that has drawn millions of faithful pilgrims for thousands of years. Such is Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, the only city in the world that has 70 names of love and yearning, the city that in old maps appears at the center of the world and is still adored like a young bride.

A Place where three religions Meet and have a long history since the biblical era. Christians, Jews and Muslims. You will find people and tourists from all the three religions coming here all year round for worship and pilgrimage purposes. I visited this place in 2007 as a part of a pilgrimage trip.

This city has a rich religious and cultural history and thus it is one of the most sought after place by people of many religions, historians, archeologists and tourists alike.

The City itself is quiet and the weather was pleasant. The main places to visit in this city are all religious.

The important places of attraction are as follows :

Tomb of Ebrahim : This place is of significance to Muslims and Christians, This is the tomb of Ebrahim (upon him be peace) which is built directly above his actual grave which is below ground. On the left side is the window from the Jewish synagogue which is built right next to the mosque.

Tomb of Moses : This place is of significance to Jews and Muslims as it had the shrine and Tomb of moses.

Tomb of Jesus : this place is of significance to Muslims and Christians.
The tomb of Jesus may refer to any place where it is believed that Jesus was entombed.

Places that have been proposed as the location of such a tomb include:

Church of the Sepulchre (known as the church of all churches)

And Aqsa Mosque wherein 124K Angels have offered prayers behind Prophet Mohammad.

Western Wall – The Western Wall (Ha-Kotel Ha-Ma’aravi) in Jerusalem is the holiest of Jewish sites, sacred because it is a remnant of the Herodian retaining wall that once enclosed and supported the Second Temple. It has also been called the “Wailing Wall” by European observers because for centuries Jews have gathered here to lament the loss of their temple.

From the important places mentioned above , one can make out the importance and significance of this city.

I also visited Tel aviv which is now capital city of Israel, Askalan and Dead Sea.(the saltiest sea in the world, where the salt content is so high that no object can drown in it).

One thing that is noticeable are the roads. As this city is built on a mountain. You will find steep slopping roads. you are always Either climbing or descending.

The view of city is very beautiful.

One more thing I learned from the locals of Jerusalem is about the Graveyard at Mount of Olives. There is this graveyard wherein you will rarely find place for burial and it is very costly. The people here believe that the one who is buried here has a place in heaven.

these were few of the highlights from what is known as the Holiest city in the world, a city rich in its culture and heritage. Jerusalem is a must visit at least once in our lifetime.

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Church of the Sepulchre
Church of the Sepulchre
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Church of the Sepulchre


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