A moment of Love

And when they sat watching Titanic together, as rose told jack, “you jump, i jump” she looked at him deeply engrossed in the idiot box, she looked at him with eyes full of tears, knowing she’d do the same for him, only this time the definitions of that statement were changed.

This time “you jump, i jump” meant that, “I’ll be a part of all your struggles”, ” I’ll cry with you, for you” , “when the world turns their back at us we’ll fight them together” , “I’ll be a part of all your madness, a keeper of all your secrets and knew all your insecurities”, “I’ll know all your flaws and love every imperfection”, “together we’ll be a team no one can defeat”, “without you there’ll be no fun with friends or family” and with you I’ll find happiness where ever i go” , “ill be your light in the darkest of corners” … And as she got overwhelmed with the love she felt for him, a tear trickled down her almond eyes. The very same moment his attention shifted to her and he whispered ” you jump, I jump”.

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