In mood for fancy sleeves today

There are many highlights to a top that make it stand out; the pattern, the collar the style, cut material and the sleeves. Every outfit has something unique about it that stands out. Today, the unique highlight of my outfit are its sleeves.

Today I was in mood for something retro but at the same time something elegant and not too outdated. So I chose to wear this white shimmer printed top with Georgette bell bottom elbow length sleeves.

Fancy sleeves add so much fun value to a top and make it look so much more interesting then any normal top with drab sleeves. The highlights of the top I’m wearing are:


1. Perfect for a messy girl : if you are messy just like me then full bell bottom sleeves are a big no no for you. As you’ll end up having all sorts of food and other stains on them making them look like a mop at the end of the day. So do what I did, wear elbow length bell bottom sleeves this way there will be no messy mops and just cute sleeves all day long.


2. No need to roll those sleeves up: On a lighter note, you wont even have the need to roll your sleeves up in an argument. Your sleeves are already elbow length giving u room to move about those punches freely, well jokes apart, on a serious note, rolling your sleeves up doesn’t always look good. Sometimes it looks boring and if you are healthy like I am, rolled up sleeves look bulgy and make your arms look more heavier. Also you want to look pretty, not like a bully. So elbow length sleeves especially like the ones I am wearing not only make everything a lot more comfortable but also at the same time add a cuteness quotient to your look.

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3. Easy breezy: with humid climatic conditions it is important to wear loose comfortable clothes that let your pores breathe and thus make you feel relaxed throughout your day. These cute sleeves not only made my arms look fancy, but also proved to be very comfortable which was a boon.


4. Picture perfect: last but not the least, cute sleeves call for cute hand poses and even cuter pictures. You can wear cool accessories on your wrists and flaunt a full fledged retro look.

PS: If you wear a fancy top then a plain bottom will help highlight your look even more, just like I paired up my top with plain grey leggings. Do let us know your feedback through comments.

Photo Credit: Huzaifa Sadriwala

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