There is much more to Travel than you think it is.

Travel is good for lots of things, but it can also increase mental well-being – and not just in the short-term. Whether you’re travelling for business, on a one-week family holiday, or have sold everything to pursue a life on the road, travelling can make you a happier person by building self-confidence, providing new experiences and memories, breaking routine and allowing you to meet people from all over the world.

Being away from things we often take for granted — family, close friends, home — makes us appreciate them more. Calling home isn’t a chore, but something to look forward to: no one enjoys listening to your envy-inducing travel stories more than your parents, so it’s the perfect excuse to wax lyrical about whatever place with which you’ve just fallen in love.

when you talk about travelling then the things that come to mind are good locations, historical places , fun and sight seeing … but travelling is much more than just sight seeing

It’s about getting a taste of different cultures and exploring new avenues


It’s about food
One of the most memorable aspect of travel for me is food. I’m talking about the luxury to taste all those new foods around the world, broaden your culinary horizon, and calibrate your taste buds.

Whenever we think about a good vacation trip, our mind automatically wanders to the taste of that place’s food. as they say, taste triggers memory. so yes travelling is about trying different cuisines as well.


It’s about  hotel

When you go to plan a vacation or trip, one important detail you need to decide upon is [eafl id=1537 name=”Expedia” text=”Hotels”] where you will be staying. Of course, price is typically the main determining factor, as the hotel rate is going to have to fit into your budget. Yet when selecting a hotel, this isn’t the only issue you need to look at.
we spent half or less of our day in sight seeing, rest of the day is spent in the hotel, so a good hotel matters a great deal in making your trip worth the while, the hotels cleanliness, hospitality etc matter a lot.


Now a days [eafl id=1533 name=”MakeMyTrip Hotels” text=”Hotels”] have so many recreational facilities providing people the opportunity to do much more than just stay like swimming pools, indoor games, casino , spa, gym, Discotheque  and many more

Summer is here and it’s the time when most of us make travel plans. so whenever you plan your next trip. do keep all these factors in mind and make your trip worth  the while. because travel is much more than just sight seeing. Happy holiday !

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