Different varities of Pani Puri for all Chaat Lovers

Pani Puri or Gol gappa is one of the faviourte and most eaten street food across India. Our love for Panipuri is irresistable and some people consume this street food on daily basis as well. Pani Puri is made of crispy round puri holds Ragda(sprouts), Imli(date chutney), green chutney and spicy flavoured water that packs in a punch and falls apart the moment you take a bite.

As a Mumbaikar, Panipuri is one of my faviourite street foods too and i always like to experiment this food with different flavours and ingredents. Sometimes I also wish to have this street food sitting in some place and enjoy the moment with leasure. In this article I will tell you the 5 different variations of Pani puri which you can find in Mumbai.

1. Hot Cheese Fondue Pani puri


Panipuri filled with tangy chutneys (hot chilli, green mint and coriander) creamy melted cheese. Fondue style made of trio of emmenthal, cheddar and a hint of parmesan and spicy mushroom duxelle. It is also topped with green onion and sprouts.

Cost: INR 336

Location: Cafe haqq Se, Lower Parel

2. Pani Puri Sorbet


Have you ever imagined having Pani puri as a dessert. Papacream serve pani puri sorbet accompained with puri cups and potato mousse. This savoury ice cream that gives you the complete chaat experience in the form of a frozen dessert.

Cost: INR 160

Location: Papacream, Churchgate

3. Chicken/ Paneer in your pani puri

3 wise monkey
A regular PaniPuri comes with boondi, sprouts or ragda. The popular chaat dish is served either with Chicken or paneer for a filling.

Cost: INR 240 for chicken and INR 220 for Paneer

Location: 3 wise Monkeys, Khar west

4. Pani Puri in Lab Style


Here, Panipuri is prepared and served in different style. Puris are served with the fillings, the water is served in test tubes and the imli chutney is filled in syringes. A lab style experience.

Cost: INR 325 + Taxes

Location: SpiceKlub, Opp Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel

5. Tomato Flavoured Pani Puri


The puris are accompanied with moong, peas, cheakpeas, beetroot sweet chutney and tomato flavoured water.

Cost: INR 200

Location: Light House Cafe outlets in the city

Try these places  and let us know how you find the variation in your daily faviourite Chaat.

If you have tried any other variations, please do comment with details so all the readers can be benefitted.

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