A pink affair with my laptop

I love writing, blogging, designing etc and for all of that I need my Laptop. My laptop for me is a device I cannot live without. Its like my arm, a tool without which half my work would get stalled, but that wasn’t the case when I was a teenager, though I loved to write, computers back then for me were just a tool to surf the net and make doodles on MS paint.
So when my dad gifted me a Sony laptop on my 15th birthday I found little use of it and soon the novelty wore off and it became a boring object collecting dust on a shelf. Pocket money was equivalent to peanuts and my birthday was approaching so a good birthday treat for all Friends was mandatory, it was my sweet 16th after all. 
So in a bid to collect more money I decided to get rid of all unnecessary products. Catching dust on a shelf I found my previous year’s birthday gift. The boring laptop for me now became a treasure. I was in the first year of college at the time and I used to see many kids like me with their heads buried in a laptop. ( “how can they be so much into a gadget”) I thought to myself. 
I figured that if there was anyplace I could sell my boring laptop, it was here, in my college. So I stuck a fancy pamphlet on the main notice board putting up an add to sell my Laptop. Having zero knowledge whatsoever about gadgets, the only specifications I knew back then and I thought were the only necessary specifications were : 
Unused Sony Laptop, Good condition, Pink in colour”  buyers can call on : ***** ( my landline number) 
In my mind I assumed there would be a long list of buyers I would get to choose from. But sadly the phone didn’t ring for days, my birthday was approaching and just when I had started to feel disheartened. An enquiry for the laptop came from a very like minded girl. Her First and only question ? ” which shade of Pink”.
To my luck, Baby pink happened to be her favourite colour too and she got a good deal and I got to have a good birthday party. 
Years later when I first started my blogging, I realised that laptops were more than just tools to surf the internet and were so much useful for me. I saved up enough money to buy myself my first MacBook and used it thoroughly for three years until I decided it was time to buy a new one.
Knowing the value of a good laptop and how useful a device can be, I realised there must be many people out there for whom my old laptop would be everything they were looking out for. And I also knew the value for good money. But I didn’t know any means to sell of my dear Mac, until a friend of mine suggested that I try listing my Laptop on this amazing website known as CASHIFY, now the times were modern and I no longer needed to stick pamphlets on notice boards, all I needed to do now was to use Cashify.in from the comfort of my home.
It proved to be the smartest and easiest way to sell my laptop and the fastest way to #CleanUpCashOut. What can be better than knowing your old gadget proves to be useful for someone out there and also getting good value of Money for it. since then I’ve successfully sold many old and unusable Gadgets on Cashify and I also downloaded their easy to use App on my phone. 
If just like me, you are confused about how to sell your old unusable gadgets then Cashify is the place for you. They make the job of selling gadgets so easy and you can enjoy the perks of #cleanUpCashOut. 
I am sharing with you  a coupon code- CLEANCASH for you to get additional Rs. 250 on your sale of gadgets. To know more about Cashify, please check the given link here

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