Rape is Never the Victims fault

Rape is Never the Victims fault
Not if she was drunk
Not if she was naked
Not if she was wearing a mini skirt or a veil
Not if she was a sex worker
Not if the Authorities didn’t believe her
Not if she was queer
Not if she was a woman of colour
Not if she was seeking asylum
Not if she was your partner
Not if she was disabled
Not if the victim was a Male. 

Earlier in January this year An 8 year old Girl Asifa was grazing her horses in a forest area in Kashmir when she was kidnapped, drugged then kept in a temple and gang raped for days and finally killed by thrashing her head with a stone and her body was thrown away.  Her parents turned to Kashmir police to help them search their daughter and the police officer was bribed rupees 1.5 lacs by the perpetrators to keep mum about her whereabouts. Spine chilling isn’t it? I feel sick to the stomach while I even typed this but the perpetrators didn’t flinch while actually doing this heinous act. And now the people in power, the politicians in power are defending this Crime because the victim was a Muslim and the culprits were Hindu. 

What is happening to our nation, we talk about progress, modernization, we talk about making India a Super power and on the other hand we rape our children and then defend the crime. Where are we headed to ? When will we stop making the Crime about Religion when will we understand that such culprits don’t belong to any religion because no religion in this world preaches rape. Heck the perpetrators aren’t even Human. We talk about education and we say that education helps curb such evils when we forget that all you need not to hurt another Human is to have Basic Humanity, which no textbook in this world can teach.

Truth is: No one is going to do anything until it happens to someone they love, but why even wait for something like this to happen to our daughter. Its high time we made a difference. Raise your voice against this issue, let the people in power know that we wont sit quiet till the culprits are punished. If like the Arab countries we too start publicly prosecuting the perpetrators by beheading, hanging or stoning till death and we broadcast the prosecution on television and newspapers like we broadcast their crimes, then we will be able to put fear in the minds of such ugly people, because the ” save our women” slogans which have been going around for years don’t seem to be working.  Its time to be ruthless with these scumbags

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