A Road Trip on NH8 Mumbai – Udaipur

National highway no 8 NH8  in India is probably one of the most popular and busy roads as it connects Mumbai – Delhi and going for Road trip is one of the best choice.

I have travelled a lot on this route in my lifetime and took many journeys between Mumbai – Udaipur. This is also main in terms of commercialising as it connects the main cities of India

Let me describe to you one of my journeys on this route. Mumbai – Udaipur route has many commercial cities in between. Mumbai- Dhanu- Surat- Baroda- Ahmedabad – Udaipur


If one travels in this route, you will notice all these developed/developing cities coming along.

The roads are in very good conditions and overall its very smooth and fast. You cover the distances among the cities very quickly. This route is busy 24 hours and due to very good business connectivity between Mumbai-Surat and Mumbai-Ahmedabad, you will notice many people travel here very frequently and do up and down between the cities on a weekly to daily basis.WP_20160407_002

You can start any time of the day or even in night and you won’t find problem in doing so.

The distance between Mumbai – Udaipur is 750 Km approx and this journey can be covered by car in 10-11 hours non- stop and in 13 hours if you want to take breaks in between for refreshment or meal.


As there are so many major cities coming in between these routes, finding a good restaurant is not difficult. You will find so many options on the way and probably 1 restaurant in 10 kms between Mumbai – Surat.

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It is advisable to take a meal or refreshment in between of Mumbai-Baroda as Baroda – Ahmedabad is an expressway and there is no restaurant in that route and even Amedabad to Udaipur has limited number of Hotels.


If you want to experience a fast , busy and commercial route, do try this once in their lifetime.

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4 thoughts on “A Road Trip on NH8 Mumbai – Udaipur

  • December 24, 2016 at 12:12 pm


    Read your comments above and thank you for sharing the information.

    Can you please suggest as to which route is better to travel as when i check on google maps it shows first preference as mumbai – baroda – halol – modasa – udaipur route.

    But somebody suggested that the main highway is much better.

    • December 24, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      Hi Pinank,
      Yes I will suggest you the same. NH8 Highway. After Baroda take Expressway to Ahmedabad then Himmatnagar- Udaipur.
      This is the best and easiest route. I can assure you because I have been on this route many times.


  • August 30, 2017 at 11:12 am

    love this place!! amazing architecture and lakes.. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures and description, it took me backi to udaipur.. I’ld like to Thnx @padharoudaipur app and team for choosing the best for me to explore .. grt app #happy #missingudaipur ….

  • September 20, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    yes Udaipur is a very beautiful city! I loved being there with my friends and would love to come visit again once more!


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