Safety Tips for your Road Trips

Planning a road trip by Car? It’s important you check out the few details and essentials for your car and trip in order to avoid any mishaps on road.

We always make sure to include the car safety instruction tips mentioned in this article to make sure our trip is smooth sailing and hassle free, we would love to share our tips with you so that even you can have a great happy trip.

It is advisable to give your car in service center, a day before you leave for your trip if your overall travelling includes more than 500 km. They will diagnose and check your car fully and help you get a problem free journey.

If your trip includes less than 500 km still make sure you check the following things before you start your trip.

  • Make sure all the tires are proper and have the required air. Also make sure you carry one extra tire with you and basic tools like A Jack and other essentials, So that you can change the tire if you encounter a flat tire while journeying.
  • Make sure your vipers are proper and have necessary water in order to clean the front glass.
  • Make sure you always have enough fuel in your car, at least keep your tank filled up to a level so that you can carry on 50km till you can find a fuel station.
  • Make sure the Coolant is proper, This is because you will drive for long and your car might heat up.


Apart from above necessary things for Car, make sure you carry the following things with you while journeying.

  1. Torch
  2. First Aid box
  3. Full charged Power bank for mobile or any other gadgets.
  4. 1-2 blankets
  5. Water bottle
  6. Light snacks
  7. Songs playlist on pen drive
  8. GPS device or GPS enabled phone

We hope this will help you as much it has helped us in our previous road trips and many more to come. Let us know if you include some more things apart from the tips listed above which might be useful to us and many others reading this post. Do comment below.

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