Selflessness is purest form of Love

Sometimes its not difficult to sacrifice something for the people you love. For there are very few special bonds worth sacrificing for, and God doesn’t bless everyone with them.

Remember the time during childhood when our parents sacrificed little and big things for us? Like giving up their jobs to look after us or eating our favourite food at restaurants even if they didn’t like it or tending to our health even when their own health wasn’t in shape. Or going a little over budget to buy us something we really desired.

Yes we all must have experienced some of these selfless gestures by our parents at some point in our childhood or while growing up, so did I. And I always wondered from where did my parents get such a big heart to be so selfless and keep me as a first priority above themselves and I thought I was incapable of such love myself until I stumbled upon someone whom I fell in love with.

Love makes you realise that your heart no longer belongs to you but to the one you love, love makes you realise that the other persons smile brings a smile on your face, love makes your heart feel satisfied when we make sure that the person we love is well cared for and well nourished, love is the tiny heartbreak we feel when our loved is sad because of something we couldn’t do, or could have done. Love is knowing that you are no longer yours but you are theirs and if they are happy, you are equally happy.

And this selfless feeling is not just felt by parents for their children, but also a husband for his wife, between siblings, between best friends, this feeling exists more so when we know that our loved one is dependent on us, we feel like caring for them, nurturing them, looking after all their needs, we feel like giving up or delaying what we really want to do just because our loved one doesn’t want us to do so.

And there’s nothing wrong with this my Friends, because God doesn’t bless everyone with a person worth sacrificing for.

There are childless couples who would do anything for their child if they had one.

There are lone children who would give away all their favourite possessions to their siblings if they had one.

There are people who’s partners separate from them through Death or divorce and they would do anything for them to come back but they wont.

So yes. If you have someone in your life today for whom you would give up or postpone something you really want, then my dear you are blessed.
Because not every soul is as lucky as you .

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