The reason why separating from your love hurts so much is because your souls are connected. 

Have you encountered the time when you were separated from your partner for a few days?, it feels like you are leaving behind a part of you, it feels like cutting away a limb. Sometimes, it feels like you Drew a void  in your heart, a hole so deep that no other happiness in the world can fill it.  
This my dear friends happens when you love someone so deeply that you feel one. This happens when the other person becomes the definition of Love for you, this happens when your souls are intertwined. 
But sometimes this bitter pain makes us realise the value of our partner, it makes us realise that the little things about them which we hardly ever considered important. These are the things we’d miss the most. It makes us realise that the little annoying things about our partner are the ones we cannot live without; the messy sheets, the disorganised shelf’s which we loathed look heartless when they’re neat, when you turn to your bedside at 4 am in the morning and find no one there. You realise the value of Loves warmth, you realise that no pillow in this world can make do for that embrace…. 
and that my friends is the highest level of Love there can be. 

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