Shoes that every men should have !!!

Ever paid attention that the first thing people notice about others is their shoes. Yes, if you are well dressed and you’ve not chosen the perfect shoes than your whole personality / fashion/ style goes down. Looking at your shoes people make assumptions about your personality, income, occupation etc. You should care for footwear if nothing else than the fact that it is a foundation for your body.

Not sure how to care for your new footwear? Check out how to keep your shoes looking sharp.

Principles for Footwear

  • Choose right shoes for the occasion – It is one of the important factors when choosing your footwear and people often make a mistake in this. sport shoes are better for running and sports activities as it has that purpose. If you wear sports shoes for your formal meeting than it will be inappropriate. Many men take this casually and make a mistake.
  • Check the Quality – Many men neglect the quality of the shoes and buy some cheap shoes every year which are made of cheap raw material which doesn’t last long. Some men can’t afford to buy expensive shoes as it is out of their pocket. In my view one can save money for sometime and buy a good quality pair of shoes instead of cheap ones which can last for some years and probably a decade. This will also help you taking care of the shoes for the fact that you bought by paying a high price, So overall this will give you quality, comfort and style.
  • Comfort is utmost important – Make sure the shoes which you are buying fits you properly and it is comfortable while walking as well. If you are not comfortable with the shoes you bought than it will be useless and it will leave you tired. Also, if the length is proper make sure width is proper as well. Too narrow or wide shoes will also make you uncomfortable. So buy the right shoes.
  • Taking care – The shoes show your personality and you should take care of your shoes. Make sure they are placed properly at home. Brush off the dirt after every day use and polish it regularly. This will help it last longer.

Dress Shoes

These are mainly in black or brown colours with or without lace and bit of shine. These shoes are to be worn below ankle. Leather loafers have also became very popular to wear below your suits. Here are our picks for best dress shoes.





Casual Shoes

These are mainly sports shoes or canvas shoes. If you are wearing shorts or jeans or semi casual than these shoes can do wonders. Here are our picks for best dress shoes.





now that know all about Good shoes. buckle up and get going !

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