Soft copy to Hard print: That’s how we save our memories

As lifestyle bloggers , we tend to take so many pictures of food, fashion and Travel. Our hard disk gets full with loads of images and frankly we rarely go through them all our old images. Sometimes we wish to capture those images, and print of them out to hang on our walls. That’s how we came across the idea of online wall photo frames.

Some of the photos are so good and memorable that we just can’t wait to get them printed, but the task of going out to the store and hunting for a perfect frame is not our cup of tea.  Being digital nomads, our solution to this must be online.

The digital world has given us ease of access from home or work. Be it anything, now we can get our work done easily by just a few clicks. Some of the benefits of getting your photo printed online or through mobile app are as follows:.

  • A few steps process
  • Online payment
  • Delivery to your doorstep
  • Wide variety of options available

 The process is really simple while ordering the print.

  1. choose from photo simple prints, wall frames, calendars, cards etc.
  2. Upload your images (you can edit them as well)
  3. Enter your shipping details
  4. Make the payment

And you’re DONE!

Almost all the online photo printing works in broadly the same manner give or take a couple of steps. We came across such online printing services as Photojaanic. They have a wide variety of frames to choose from, they’ve maintained a good quality and are reliable. Plus, ordering is quick.

Check out one of the  products which we ordered from this amazing website.



Now we don’t need to worry about saving our memories. The best  photos are printed the way we want in just a few clicks and we can get back those good old days back wherein you placed your photos in an album photo album.

Because special memories shouldn’t end up in a computer chip, they should be there on your walls, reminding you of the good old time’s every day. 

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