Summer style for everyone

The most dreaded season for all Asians is here, “Summer” though its a season of bloom, its also a season for harsh heat, sunburn, loads of sweat and irritated skin. And the only remedy to beat the heat that you see everywhere is wearing minimal clothing, but not everyone likes to show skin, and not even me, not wanting to wear short clothes can be for any reason : scars, cellulite even shyness etc. So What do we do?

Worry not because in this article I’ll show you a summer look that will not only look good on you but will make u feel comfortable and will beat the heat as well

Wear light colours:

That’s the ground rule when it comes to dressing up for summers, dark colours attract more heat as compared to light colours, so make sure you wear light colours to keep cool.


Floral time:

Summer is the season of Bloom, the season where in our gardens look the best with colourful flowers that look so beautiful, so why just have those beautiful flowers in your garden ?, wear floral patterns and become one with nature, I personally love floral printed clothes as they look so pretty and give the perfect summery feel.

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Say no to tight fitted clothes:

With the increasing temperatures your pores let out a lot of sweat. In this case if you wear tight fitted clothes, all the sweat sticks to your skin and clothes and then lead to rashes and prickles on skin, so wear clothes that are a bit loose to let your pores breathe. Trust me, you will feel very comfortable in them.


Get a cute hat:

Summers are the best excuse to wear fancy cute hats, these prevent UV rays from directly reaching your hair and face preventing damage.

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Sunglasses are a must:

The area around our eyes has more sensitive skin then other areas of our face making it more susceptible to damage and tanning, so get a cute pair of sunglasses with UV protection frames that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and also add to your style statement.


Sleeves do no harm:

while we often cover our torso and legs, our arms are left to face direct UV rays and that leads to skin rashes, pigmentation and uneven skin tone to prevent this, wear tops that have long sleeves, long sleeves look very classy and elegant.


Everyone has a unique style, this is mine and it looks pretty and more then everything, its very comfortable to wear. Hope you find it useful, do let us know your views in comments.


Photo Credit: Huzaifa Sadriwala

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