The Importance of Regional Sports in India

Cricket – not only a sport but also a religion in India.

For almost 5 decades, this sport has been the most famous sport of India, even the national sport Hockey is overshadowed by cricket.

Cricketers are considered ideals and role models by almost every kid in India. There will hardly be one soul in India who does not have the knowledge of this sport but is this the only sport of India? No.

There are a lot many other sports and talented sportsmen whose talents are not given as much importance as that of cricketers. As you know, fame sells. Cricket is a famous sport therefore it gets all the needed facility and infrastructure it needs, whereas other sports such as Hockey, Football, etc. are given a cold shoulder.

Sportsmen are so desperate for funds and facilities to take their game forward that they take drastic steps such as selling of their kidneys in order to make enough money to support their sport. A recent example is that of Ravi Dixit, a 20-year-old squash player hailing from Dhampur who offered to sell of one of his kidneys online. This news had recently created an uproar.

We need to create more awareness about these sports among the common people of India. Only then will these sports be given the importance they rightfully deserve.

It’s good to see that now a days all regional sports such as Hockey, Kabaddi and Wrestling etc. are being highlighted and are slowly gaining popularity among our youth.

Sportsmen of non-cricket background such as Sushil Kumar (Wrestling), Abhinav Bindra (Shooting), Leander Paes Sania Mirza (Tennis), Sania Nehwal (Badminton), Mary Kom(Boxing), Vishwanathan Anand (Chess) to name a few, have made our country proud by winning championships and medals domestically and internationally. Their achievements have contributed tremendously in increasing the awareness and popularity of their respective sports.

If people start giving importance and start creating awareness towards other sports and give it as much significance as they give cricket, sportsmen such as Ravi Dixit won’t be compelled to take such drastic steps.

Let us set a goal that we will make India #1 not just economically but also in SPORTS.

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