The Land of Pyramids – Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt situated on North east of Africa is a Muslim country. It is adjacent to Arab countries.

The moment you step in Cairo you get immersed in its rich culture and magnificent history

Cairo is famous for Nile, the longest river in the world and as most of you must be knowing that Egyptian civilization is the oldest in the world.

Tahir square is the main centre point of this city and Ramses Square, is the centre of almost the entire Egyptian transportation network.

Tourist from all over the world keep visiting this place all round year.

Talking about attractions, there are many places to visit and the popular one are of course the majestic Pyramids (Giza)

    • The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is the only one to survive into modern times.

  • The Sphinx – the head of a human and the body of a lion is also worth seeing.
  • Cruise at Nile River – The longest river in the world has a lot of cruise services to offer. They got great food and entertainment on board.
  • The Egyptian Museum – You will find the Tomb of Tutankhamen (Egyptian Pharaoh and Phiron as you know him in Islamic and biblical text).
  • Panorama Museum – memorial to the 1973 October war. It has a rotating platform to view a 360 degree war film featuring Egyptian soldiers. A must visit

There are lots and lots of mosques in Cairo, all beautifully built. You will find a mosque at every turn you take.

The Nightlife here is also amazing offering you cruise, casinos, nightclubs etc. Cairo was ranked as the world’s most 24-hour city because it stays busy 24/7. You will have a good time no matter what time.

Cairo is also a known educational hub and there are lots of famous universities offering all sorts of subjects.

Transportation – Cairo is well connected as it has all sorts of transportation medium such as Metro, Rail, road etc.

Cairo is also hugely populated with lots of traffic. The Worst part of it is that the roads are mainly one way. So if you cross the distance from Point A to Point B in 10 minutes than possibly you will return from point B to point A in 30-40 minutes because of other routes.

Cairo will not disappoint you when it comes to food it offers you not only rich Egyptian food but also cuisines from all around the world. Your Taste buds wouldn’t go unsatisfied. The traditional Egyptian Kebab and Falafel is must have.

Rich Egyptian culture, Majestic Pyramids, The longest river in the world, sumptuous food, aren’t these reasons enough to visit Cairo.

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Pyramids and Sphinx
Tanks at Panorama Museum
Panorama Museum
Inside Panorama Museum


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