Tissura: One stop destination for your luxury fabrics

What’s the number one prerequisite that you keep in mind when you think of building a high-quality wardrobe? Exactly: You need to be able to recognise a quality garment when you see one. You need to know the difference between a Good quality Fabric and a bad one.

The market is filled with different kinds of fabrics, while only handful of them are of a good quality, what looks attractive and fancy might not be durable and might just look pretty on the rack but won’t last more than half a season. You need to know which properties distinguish high-quality fabrics from low-quality ones, and how to recognise these properties when you’re out shopping.

Who said that fashionable and fancy looking plain and printed fabrics cannot necessarily be of a Good quality, who said that you’ll have to spend days searching for the perfect Fabric material for your outfits. All you have to do is visit Tissura and choose from the vast collection of High end fabric and accessories available on the website.


What is TISSURA all about?
TISSURA is a network of fabric shops and showrooms that has been presenting haute couture fabrics for almost 20 years. They are proud to be a reliable partner of leading French, Italian, Belgian, Austrian, Swiss and British textile manufacturers. They offer exclusive fabrics, trimmings and accessories of premium quality. Their collections include fabrics used by the most famous fashion houses.

They have the most amazing collection of printed and non-printed fabrics of all kinds for men and women alike, with categories ranging from different prints to haute couture bridal and party wears. Even their collection of garment accessories is amazing which includes everything from scarves, shawls, trimmings, buttons, laces and many other things.

Also they have a wide collection of exclusive fabrics, and it’s so easy to choose as every fabric is given with a picture and its detailed description so you can never go wrong while choosing.


Also available on Tissura is a wide variety of different types of velvet which is the fabric which divides the masses, velvet as a trend is nothing new and considering fashion’s recent fixation with the 90s we almost should have seen it coming. It’s one of those lavish textiles that while not often at the forefront of the runway, season after season, is continually there in some capacity. For autumn/winter though velvet is undergoing a renaissance that sees the luxurious fabric outpace its tactless past for something altogether more stylish. You can choose from a vast variety of the most supreme quality velvets at Tissura

So when deciding to build a fashionable wardrobe, do visit Tissura and be sure to have the most amazing collection.

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