Top 10 Foods of Thailand one should not miss

Thai foods is very much famous worldwide. Food is one more reason you want to visit this beautiful country over and over again. Thai food is one of the most popular of Asian cuisines in the world since it suits all kinds of tastes and incorporates five fundamental flavors in it. Thai cuisine is a perfect blend of flavors – salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Almost every Thai dish combines all these five tastes.

Let me share you some of the best thing you should have while in the city.

1. Pad Thai: Traditional dish of Thailand you must eat


It is the single dish by which every Thai restaurant is measured.  Probably the most well known Thai dish outside of Thailand, Pad Thai is a noodle stir fry with a sweet-savory-sour sauce scattered with crushed peanuts. It’s made with thin, flat rice noodles, and almost always has bean sprouts, garlic chives, scrambled egg, firm tofu and a protein – the most popular being chicken or prawns/shrimp.

2. Fried Rice:


Fried rice is a dish of cooked rice that has been stir-fried in a wok or a frying pan and is usually mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, seafood, or meat. It is often eaten by itself or as an accompaniment to another dish.

3. Sea Food: Prawns, Mussels, Crab, Squid etc:



Home to thousands of miles of coastline, it is no wonder that Thailand has so many dishes with seafood acting as the main ingredient, you will get sea food of my every kind of preparation including sea food in Thai land which is delicious and fresh

4. Banana Pancake with Nutella:


Thai pancake are one of the hit of street food. The recipe came with the Indian culture and was adopted and adapted to the Thai taste. It is also known as Roti pancake

5. Coconut:


Fresh coconut juice has more vitamin C than orange juice! Happily, someone else will wield something machete-esque to cut the coconut open. Drink the juice and then use the provided spoon to scoop out the sides. (Parents – this is a great drink to get your kids hooked on). Ask for a fresh coconut at any Thai beach restaurant – they’re the ultimate hangover cure (and a refreshing break from Thai beer).

6. Durian:


Durian is a unique tropical fruit. It’s popular in Southeast Asia, where it’s nicknamed “the king of fruits.” Durian is actually very high in nutrients, containing much more than most other fruits. However, it is also highly controversial because of its strong smell.

7. Tom yum soup:


Tom yum or tom yam is a type of hot and sour Thai soup, usually cooked with shrimp (prawn)Tom yum has its origin in Thailand. In recent years, tom yam has been popularized around the world.

8. Red Thai Curry:


Thai red curry is a popular Thai dish consisting of red curry paste cooked in coconut milk with meat added, such as chicken, beef, pork, duck or shrimp, or vegetarian protein source such as tofu

9. Thai Fruits:


Fresh fruit forms a large part of the Thai diet, and are customarily served after a meal as dessert. Although many of the exotic fruits of Thailand may have been sometimes unavailable in Western countries, Asian markets now import such fruits as rambutan and lychees. In Thailand one can find papaya, jackfruit, mango, mangosteen, langsat, longan, pomelo, pineapple, rose apples, durian, Burmese grapes and other native fruits.

10. Grilled street foods:


Street food in Thailand brings together various offerings of ready-to-eat meals, snacks, fruits and drinks sold by hawkers or vendors at food stalls or food carts on the street side in Thailand. Sampling Thai street food is a popular activity for visitors, as it offers a taste of Thai cooking traditions. Bangkok is often mentioned as one of the best place for street food. In 2012, Virtual Tourist named Bangkok as the number one spot for street food—the city is notable for both its variety of offerings and the abundance of street hawkers

So if you are a foodie then let us assure you that Thailand has unique flavors for everyone be it sweet dishes to fruits to seafood. And that’s reason enough to visit Thailand .

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