Top 10 Travel checklist before you fly international

We all love travelling, and we all have a dream to travel the world and have great holidaying experiences. But your holiday can turn into a bitter memory if you forget or neglect important things. These things can be little tasks you need to look after or bigger obvious tasks that you might forget completing in a hurry.
Given below is a complete list of things you should keep in mind when you leave for a holiday.

* Make sure your Passport is valid
Yes I know this is a silly point but guys this small point can make a big difference on your travel plans. So make sure your passport is valid for the travels. Almost all the countries require atleast 6 month validity of your passport before you apply for visa or travel to the port on arrival.

* Visa Requirement
This is another important thing to check. Depending on your country of passport, some countries don’t require visa, some issue visa on arrival while at some places you need to apply for visa before you travel. Check the official border agency website of the country you are travelling. If you are an Indian Passport holder then there are almost 50 countries in the world where you don’t need visa or they issue visa on arrival. You can check the list of countries on our another post here.

* You have international driving license, if you plan driving
This is essential document you need to consider if you are planning to drive in the country you are visiting. If you already hold driving license of your home country then applying and getting an international license won’t be a problem. Driving license from USA, Europe are almost accepted all over the world but still it is wise to get an international license. For further acceptance of license you can check country’s official website for more information.

* Purchase a Travel Adapter
We all are surrounded by gadgets. Mobile, camera, tablets, laptop etc have become important part of travel packing. One can’t imagine a trip without carrying few or all of these items. Some country have square pin while others have rounded pin on electric port. it’s best you buy a universal travel adapter and carry with you along.

* Travel Credit / Debit Card
Travel credit or debit card could be very useful for your trip. It is safe, convenient and economical at the same time. You no need to carry hard cash and worry of getting theft all the time plus buying a foreign travel credit card also saves you extra cost on the conversion of the foreign exchange with a nominal fee.

* Research on Calling home
Once you plan to travel abroad, calling back home or informing you loved ones of you safe arrival is really important. Due to wifi and data availability, it has became really easy to contact. Specially all the airports do have wifi now a days where you can use app like whatsapp or Skype to call back home. Still it’s better if you research about the country you travelling and if the airport or important places have wifi or data. You can also opt for global SIM card and buy in your home country itself before you travel. They also come with free minutes and data to choose.

* Pay or schedule your any bills due
Yes, if you are planning a trip for long period. This is something you should remember and get it done in order to avoid extra cost and hassle after you return. Make sure no bill is due while you will be abroad. If so, then schedule your payment or pay the bill before you leave.

* Check your packing List
Check on your packing list twice and make sure you are carrying the things according to the trip and weather of the country you are travelling. If there will be lot of beach or swimming then swim wear and hat. If the weather will be cold then jacket, gloves etc.

* Make copy of your itinerary and passport/ visa
Always make sure the itinerary is properly prepared and you have soft copies of passport, visa, hotel etc saved on cloud or emails. It is also good to carry photocopy of all the documents. In case original gets misplaced or lost, you can always apply for new one.

* Share contact details with your loved ones
In order to be safe, it’s better if you share the contact details of the country you are travelling and keep them updated everyday. You can also leave copy of your itinerary at home , so you are reachable in case some unfortunate things occur.

So keep these pointers in mind and have a happy and tension Free vacation.

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